How Takapuna, North Shore Periodontists Diagnose, Prevent & Treat Gum Disease

Jun 26, 2024

Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna (09 486 6996) continues to provide the best periodontal gum disease treatments in Auckland’s North Shore – and that’s the honest tooth!

The Fight Against Gum Disease

Act now to counter gum disease - Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna leads the fight against gingivitis and periodontitis in Auckland’s North Shore communities. If you're wondering about your treatment options, consult a periodontics gum specialist who can tell you more than a general dentist ever could.

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The periodontal care team at Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna are ready to help you understand gum disease and offer advanced screening and treatment protocols for gingivitis and periodontitis. 

The practice offers advanced gum care treatments including deep cleaning for gum disease, periodontal implants, gum grafting, and bone grafting.

Should You Get Surgery For Gingivitis?

Though surgery may be necessary for those struggling with periodontal disease, Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna is equipped to offer non-surgical gum treatments. The team points to its advanced dental cleaning as a central option that can arrest - and sometimes, reverse - the effects of gum infections.

Early detection is crucial in limiting the need for surgical treatments, which is why Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna advises immediate consultations with its team at the first sign of trouble. An early diagnosis of gingivitis can lead to preventative care before the disease develops into periodontitis.

What If You Already Have Periodontitis?

Even in advanced stages, Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna notes that its technology-aided care can be highly effective. Key treatments include:

  • Gum grafting - to replace lost gum tissue
  • Bone grafting - to create a base in the jaw for implants
  • Perioscopy - the use of a dental endoscope to promote healing
  • Arestin - a local antibiotic that eliminates the bacteria that cause periodontitis

“The advantage of seeing a periodontist instead of a general dentist is that we have the skills and tools to save teeth from extraction… often even in seemingly impossible cases of periodontitis,” explains Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna. “We use perioscopy and other non-invasive, high-tech procedures to treat disease while avoiding the discomfort and inconvenience of surgery.”

Through perioscopic deep cleaning, plaque and bacterial contaminants can be removed even below your gumline. That means this team can quickly address all the significant contributors to periodontal disease. 

In the severe event that you need more invasive care, don’t worry - Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna is always able to help. Whether you’re dealing with lost teeth or gums, this team offers implant-based grafting as a solution.

Noble Dental Specialists Takapuna continues to support your local community by ensuring you have ongoing access to the dental and periodontal care you need. You can schedule an on-site consultation through their website or over the phone.

Gingivitis and periodontitis can be vanquished - this team has made it happen and can make it happen for you!

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