How Oceania is pioneering digital skills by embracing the DQ Global Standard

Dec 7, 2021

Are you interested in programs that enhance your child’s online future readiness, digital skills, digital literacy?
Check out this new capacity development program available in Australia and New Zealand and learn where to find similar programs on Digital Intelligence (DQ) in your country or region.

Digital skills have a wide reaching and broad definition, but when it comes to children and teens, terms such as digital citizenship and digital literacy become an important focus. These terms are often grouped under the single and all encompassing concept known as Digital Intelligence (DQ). Many people, and in particular parents, are becoming more aware of the importance of DQ for children and teens for them to better navigate the challenges of increasingly connected lifestyles.


You may ask yourself "how can I increase the Digital Intelligence of my own children or teens?"


You can find answers to this question by searching for active digital skills development programs that are founded on the DQ Global Standard (IEEE 3527.1™) - With these programs, you can be confident that they will afford your family with the highest quality and most effective skills development available. One such program has been recently released in Australia and New Zealand, where the Alannah & Medeline Foundation is leading the way in Digital Intelligence capacity building for the region. Called eSmart Digital Licence+, this new program can be considered as a pioneering program in the area of Digital Intelligence in Oceania.


You'd be interested to learn that this new high-quality digital literacy educational and teaching program is for students aged 11-14 across Australia and New Zealand, and it is an interactive eLearning platform that helps students develop important social and emotional skills needed to navigate the online world. The same digital skills program will be replicated in a third country in South East Asia, yet to be announced.


But the Foundation has not been acting on its own - It has greatly benefited from the experience, expertise, and research of the DQ Institute. The DQ Institute used the power of its vast network in the Digital Intelligence space to create a winning partnership involving Accenture. Accenture aims to bring their Next Gen Strategy to teenagers around the world, starting from Australia, and the DQ Institute immediately identified the Foundation’s eSmart Digital Licence+ program as the best fit to enhance digital literacy of teenagers aligned with Accenture’s strategy. With the support of Accenture, the Foundation upgraded its existing Digital Licence with digital literacy assessments based on the DQ Global Standard (IEEE 3527.1TM), powered by the DQ Institute. This standard forms the foundation from which all digital skills capacity building programs can be designed from, ensuring a common measurement framework across such programs. Additionally, use of the DQ Global Standard ensures that a common language surrounding Digital Intelligence is used to link, compare, and aggregate data related to each program's impact.


In fact, the measured results from the Foundation's eSmart Digital License+ will be integrated within the DQ Index under development by the DQ Institute, which will enable the measurement of program impact by leveraging data from other countries to benchmark national results. The eSmart Digital Licence+ is one of the key digital literacy programs that the DQ Institute has supported and aligned to the DQ Global Standard, demonstrating the versatility and applicability of the standards to any digital skills program.


Alannah & Madeline Foundation CEO, Sarah Davies AM, said the partnership with Accenture and the DQ Institute is critical because it helps support a global set of Digital Intelligence standards.


 “The support from Accenture and DQ Institute will enable us to bridge the digital divide which contributes to inequity in education and limits future opportunities for so many children,” Ms Davies said.


“This ground-breaking partnership will ensure the next generation will be able to be part of the global economy.”

DQ Institute’s Founder, Dr Yuhyun Park stated “This tripartite partnership demonstrates how like-minded international partners can work together and bring high quality digital literacy education programs to students. Powered by DQ global standards, eSmart Digital Licence+ is a leading digital literacy program with impact tracking based on the global benchmark.”


For more information on this partnership:


If you are looking for similar Digital Intelligence programs to the eSmart Digital License+, available in your country or region, check out the DQ Institute's website to see which other programs are aligned to the DQ Global Standard.


About the DQ Institute:


The DQ Institute (DQI) is an international think-tank that is dedicated to empowering 1 billion citizens with digital intelligence by 2030 through its #DQforALL movement. . Working together with international agencies and local partners, DQI’s award-winning educational programs, #DQEveryChild initiative and its DQ framework has been recognized as the world’s first global standard for digital literacy, skills, and readiness (IEEE 3527.1-2020). Its affiliated organizations are the Coalition for Digital Intelligence and DQ Lab Pte Ltd, a social enterprise based in Singapore that focuses on research, development, and dissemination of the DQ Global Standards. For more information:

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