How Long Does It Take To Finish Hardwood Floors

Apr 13, 2022

Those in need of insights on the timeline of hardwood floor refinish should learn more at

How Long Does It Take To Finish Hardwood Floors

12th & Oak Floor Company offers professional insights on the longevity of completing a project. The completion of a flooring project depends on a multitude of factors from sanding times, type of stain, and determining the conditions of the floors prior to refinishing. Those interested in learning more can visit

Here is a more in-depth look at how these factors can determine the length of a project:

Sanding Times: 12th & Oak typically can sand around 1,000 sq feet per day. This means 12th & Oak can have floors sanded and prep at a quick pace. Sanding newly installed hardwoods can take little to no time but it is important to understand that older, untreated hardwoods may take a longer process.

Stains: When reviewing the timeline of a flooring project, different stains will determine how long the process may take. For example, an oil-based finish on a 1,000 sq ft surface should take up to 3 days to complete. This is due to coating the floor three times which includes a sealer coat. Each coat needs at least 12 hours to dry before applying the next.

With a water-based stain, this only takes 2-3 days, due to water-based stains drying much quicker. While three coats are still required, the water-based stain can dry within 2-3 hrs.

Here is a brief timeline of an oil-based finish of 1,000 sq ft. that 12th & Oak takes in ensuring the best finish and stain on hardwood floors around:

Day One – 12th & Oak sands floors to bare wood.

Day Two – Apply coat sealer then apply one coat of oil-based stain.

Day Three – Lightly abrade the hardwoods and then apply a third coat of polyurethane.

12th & Oak Flooring Company prides itself on offering the best hardwood flooring service in the area. Dedicated to proving excellent care at a swift rate, 12th & Oak can help solve any hardwood flooring issues. To learn more visit

Those with more questions can visit

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