How KC’s Plumbing and Heating’s Emergency Plumbing Services Rise Above Others

Aug 25, 2016

KC’s Plumbing and Heating offers one of the fastest response times for emergency plumbing services. Company policy is to stop everything when an emergency call comes in, and turn all attention to the needs of the customer.

KC's Plumbing and Heating today reflected on its release of emergency plumbing services which started in 1993, and has been in constant development as communication technology evolved. The main aim was always to provide peace of mind to anyone who called them with an emergency situation... and by defying convention, this emergency plumbing service did so, with a difference.

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Jack Japuncic, Owner at KC's Plumbing and Heating, says: "We wanted to implement a top notch emergency plumbing service. Anyone familiar with the plumbing market will probably have noticed how a lot of companies are too busy to respond immediately. We felt this was a problem because a plumbing emergency needs immediate attention, the moment the problem is discovered."

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, KC's Plumbing and Heating respond to plumbing emergency calls as their top priority. They look to see which technician is closest to the location and send him immediately as their first responder. KC's Plumbing and Heating chose to make this their policy because they feel it is vital that damage control is implemented as quickly as possible. It also helps reduce stress for the customer and turns the conversation from panic to relief.

Jack Japuncic also stated "We want to give our customers peace of mind knowing they are being taken care of as fast as humanly possible. With our emergency plumbing service, our customers feel the concern we have for the integrity of their home or business. We want them to feel comfortable knowing they have called a competent team of professionals when using our emergency service."

KC's Plumbing and Heating has been in business since 1993. Since day one they have always aimed to deliver results that satisfy customers in a way that makes them feel the problem is being handled by a professional.

This isn't the first time KC's Plumbing and Heating has defied convention either. In 1993 when they first opened, company policy was established to serve anyone in an emergency situation as quickly as possible. They caused a stir in the neighborhood once when they moved a birds nest to a different tree because the roots had damaged a sewer line which had to be replaced. The birds protested at first, but lived to raise their young.

KC's plumbing emergency service is available across the greater Vancouver regional district.

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