How Habits Can Improve Decision-Making Skills | Self-Improvement Tips By Expert

Dec 29, 2022

How can decision-making improve your health? Do you want to learn how to make better decisions in less time? 29k has all the answers you need and the tools to make your dreams a reality.

How Habits Can Improve Decision-Making Skills | Self-Improvement Tips By Expert

Do you promise yourself that you’re going to go to the gym only to find a cookie in your hand the next moment? How did that happen?

The next thing you know, you’re in your pajamas binge-watching TV shows because…well, the gym can wait until tomorrow.

If you’ve been struggling with your decision-making processes, then there is something that can help.

Open-source psychological tool for stronger mental health, 29k, explains all you need to know in a new report titled “How to Improve Decision Making?” The report details simple and powerful ways you can make better decisions in less time.

The new report was written by 29k's chief psychologist, Jenny Rickardsson, and discusses why a lot of us struggle with making decisions. Despite common perceptions, most people are not lazy with decision-making. Instead, a lot of us tend to choose the easiest, fastest solution due to the evolutionary predisposition for survival.

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This explains why some of us fail the “marshmallow test” - the psychological assessment for delayed gratification. According to the new report, you may struggle with delayed gratification because you may instinctively want to claim all resources before they run out. While this evolutionary response was necessary in prehistoric times, this knee-jerk reaction may cause you to make ill-informed decisions in today’s world.

But, don’t blame yourself for making emotion-based decisions either! It’s a natural action for us to do, and the best way forward is to just be aware of how we make decisions.

In 29k’s report, Rickardsson encourages you to control your emotions when making decisions, especially those that concern money or relationships. The easiest way to do this is to allow your values to guide the decision-making process.

"Values are a much more reliable source of information than emotions, thoughts, and experiences," writes Rickardsson. "The latter come and go in waves, while values can serve as guides over a longer period of time. Also, values can help us confront situations that might bring up difficult emotions - if doing so serves a valued purpose."

Aside from using values to dictate your decision-making process, the report also emphasizes the importance of creating habits. Habits can help you make better decisions about your life, particularly for your health. For example, if you want to improve your fitness routine, you can start building habits such as doing push-ups after brushing your teeth.

Eventually, these decisions run on “autopilot” and you begin making healthier decisions about your life each day.

29k offers various psychological tools for mental health, inner development, and civic leadership. All of its tools are offered at no cost and can be downloaded by anyone in the world. Currently, it has over 120,000 active users and has received an average rating of 4.8 from more than 2,500 users on the Appstore and Google Play.

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