How EMF Injures the GI Biome and Makes Lyme Disease Worse

Mar 4, 2024

EMF is growing more and more and many people are starting to notice because they are finding themselves sensitive to the EMF. This in turn is causing people with Lyme Disease to develop chronic symptoms that just don’t seem to go away.

Research first showed a link between worsening Lyme Disease and EMF in the 1980’s. A small number of doctors who treat Chronic Lyme Disease have been teaching patients the critical need to severely limit their EMF exposure if they want to improve from their Lyme Disease. Unfortunately this message has been very slow to spread and most patients have no idea how much damage they are doing to their body, especially their immune system and their GI tract with the micro biome of the GI tract, with EMF. For many patients this one issue is the major factor in recovering from Lyme Disease. EMF off the cell phone and all wireless Bluetooth devices are the main sources of EMF for most patients but there are many many other sources which are rapidly increasing in number particularly with the deployment of more and more 5G antennas. The effect on the micro biome causes the bacteria to change a lot with some species far too many and others being suppressed.

This disruption of the bacteria is a major key to the way EMF hurts the biome but when this disruption happens it affects the immune response and the brain response in ways that the body cannot overcome. In addition the fungi in the biome start to create much higher amounts of toxins, more than a 100 fold increase, and this toxin load is bad for the body.

There are several strategies to help and address this issue. First and most critical is limiting EMF as much as is possible. The second is actively eating foods that can help restore the biome which include actively fermenting foods like organic apple cider vinegar, whole milk yogurt, home made sauerkraut and especially home made kefir. These foods give the body the tools it needs to fix itself.

The third are various technologies that help the body limit the effect of EMF on the body. There are several different approaches and they can be used in concert with each other but are beyond the scope of this article. The website has several articles on the subject of Lyme disease and EMF. One article that particularly goes into detail of the interplay of EMF, the micro biome, the immune system and Lyme Disease and goes into more detail is These ideas are simple and are the low hanging fruit for the person who wants to overcome Lyme Disease naturally. Fortunately the natural strategies work very well for most people.

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