How ClipsReelAI by Abhi Dwivedi Automates Video Creation, Even For Beginners

Nov 16, 2023

New software makes it easier than ever to create engaging videos using smart AI and a single URL or copy-pasted text.

ClipsReelAI - Engaging Video Creation On Autopilot

Everyone loves online videos - but creating engaging visual content isn't easy, right?

Wrong - with AI, great videos are easier than ever to make.

ClipsReelAI by Abhi Dwivedi creates engaging videos in seconds, from a single URL or source text.

Why Video?

Video continues to consolidate its position as the most engaging type of online content:

  • 69% of online consumers prefer to learn about products and services through video,
  • 79% have been convinced to download software after watching a video, and
  • 84% bought products or services based on video content alone.

And while professional video creation used to be resource-intensive and out of reach for most digital entrepreneurs, the latest advances in AI make it easier to create videos much faster, says Abhi.

Functionality and Features of ClipsReelAI

ClipsReelAI is the latest in a series of video tools designed to make video development easier for marketers, business owners, content creators, and anyone else looking to leverage engaging visual content for growth.

The software works in three simple steps:

  1. You enter a URL or copy-paste source text into the ClipsReelAI video creation page.
  2. The AI automatically sources highlights of the copy and creates engaging videos in seconds.
  3. You can add your selfie, and the software will use it to generate an AI talking head, with customization options including music, voiceovers, captions, and more.

You can then easily export the videos to social media (including Facebook and YouTube), or download them for use on your site.

“This isn't just about videos; it's about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with your audience,” said Abhi. “So… with ClipsReel AI, you're not just making videos; you're attracting a flood of eager viewers. No matter if it's YouTube or Facebook, ClipsReel AI gets your message to the right people. Turn curious viewers into loyal fans and watch your online presence grow.”


The software has been used successfully by online entrepreneurs across niches – from e-commerce to YouTube creators.

A satisfied user said: “I like the ease of use and speed ClipsReel AI offers. Creating videos using just the URL of an article or landing page is helpful and time saving. The customisation options are plenty but not over kill, making sure you can give you own voice to the video being created. A fun to use software and something I definitely recommend to help you get more visibility using videos online.”

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