How AI Is Changing B2B Lead Generation & Sales By Automating The Boring Tasks

Jul 4, 2024

Selling to customers is never an easy task, but selling to customers who are also businesses is even harder—can AI help?

It’s the dawn of AI—and you’re either gonna use it to your advantage… or lose out because you’re competition will, and you won’t be able to compete. 

While AI is far from perfect for many, many things, one thing it’s great at is automation—whether it’s automating your lead generation or appointment booking

Kalendar.AI is sharing the top three reasons why AI implementation is the right move for B2B businesses looking to boost sales. 

It’s The Affordable Way

It’s no secret that small business owners need to keep their budgets lean in order to be competitive, which is why all-in-one tools are always appreciated—as opposed to paying for countless subscriptions or fees and getting bogged down in countless software. And many AI tools—because they’re designed to be versatile—can do a ton of stuff a business needs, from B2B cold outreach and lead generation to appointment setting.

An AI tool could act as a sales development representative, CRM specialist, and sign-up agent, which significantly reduces expenses on other software and staffing. 

Trust AI To Do Cold Outreach & Lead Generation

While it may be counter-intuitive to trust something that could potentially maybe in some dystopian future become Skynet, we’re not there yet. Trusting AI to do stuff for you is okay—and for it to do your lead generation, it will need only some basic info about your business and the pitch you want to send to prospective leads. 

The AI takes that info, creates cold outreach emails, and sends them out to potential leads. A well-trained AI tool will ‘know’ how to avoid spam filters and even how to personalize emails for each recipient.

Book More Appointments Faster With AI

Appointment setting is another one of those tedious tasks that’s without a doubt essential, but just a complete dread. Let’s face it, staring at a calendar, clicking boxes, and filling out forms—hardly the most exciting part of anyone’s day. 

Which is why it’s great that AI can do that for us. Let it deal with Calendly and Zoom, while we deal with… well, whatever we want to deal with. For B2B business owners, I assume that’s running their business and closing deals. 

Are there downsides to over-reliance on AI? Yes, absolutely yes—we’ve all seen and read the horrors all over the internet. But there are also some good uses of AI—letting it do the boring stuff.

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