Hot Asphalt Patching In Nashville: Best Resurfacing & Repairs For Parking Lots

Dec 26, 2023

Is your asphalt surface looking a little worse for wear? Is the colder weather causing cracks and problem potholes? If you’re in the Nashville area, call Gaddes Strategic for the best hot patching in town! (615-866-2795)

Got potholes? Need high-quality patching that will stand the test of time? Call Nashville's finest asphalt repair team at Gaddes Strategic!

Patching Pronto!

With winter conditions exacerbating wear and tear on surfaces, the firm offers you rapid remediation of potholes with hot asphalt patching. From parking lots to driveways and roads, whatever needs patching, they're the guys to call!

Patch those holes with Gaddes Strategic! Nashville's go-to asphalt resurfacing firm! More details at

Quick Fix Or Long-Term Solution - You Decide

The team implements a variety of patching methods, offering both short and long-term solutions to areas of driveways, roads, and parking lots that are vulnerable to potholes. From infrared asphalt repair to full-depth patching, you can choose a service that meets both your needs and budget.

Hot Stuff

The Gaddes Strategic website explains the benefits of using hot asphalt for pothole repairs. While the material is poured at extremely high temperatures – between 300 and 400 degrees – it cools quickly, allowing roads and parking lots to be reopened for traffic around 24 hours after the patch is completed.

How It Works

For full-depth patching jobs, the team excavates and exhumes the surface and debris in and around the pothole by around four inches. A tack coat is applied before the asphalt mix is poured in. Binder layers and eventually top layers are added and then compacted to ensure you get a smooth and even surface.


You can expect hot asphalt repairs to last for several years if the work is carried out by experienced professionals. The firm recommends regular inspections and maintenance. Sealcoating the asphalt every three to five years helps you ward off any major damage before a complete resurfacing job is necessary.

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About Gaddes Strategic LLC

The firm serves private and municipal clients across Davidson County and the surrounding areas. With a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, Gaddes Strategic is one of Nashville's most trusted asphalt repair providers.

A spokesperson says, “We differentiate ourselves by being responsive and flexible while focusing mostly on small nuisance jobs that many larger contractors have a hard time getting to.”

For more info, call 615-866-2795 or go to

Keep your surfaces smooth with asphalt patching from Gaddes Strategic!

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