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Jul 25, 2023

Did you know you can get professional, top-quality surgical instruments, right here in the USA? Of course you did – but did you know that with SurgiMac, you get top-tier quality, at special rates only available to healthcare professionals?

Over the last decade, it seems like surgical instruments have exploded into the consumer market - and now you can find forceps, elevators, explorers, and even scalers, at your local drugstore.

That's great, I guess, if there's some reason that consumers need those items, but here's the thing - they're consumer grade. That means they're not much use for you in a clinical setting, unless you want to buy a whole new set of instruments for each client.

Shouldn't there be a better option? One that gives you the affordability of consumer-grade instruments, with the high quality and durability of professional-grade instruments?

Well, obviously there is, or I wouldn't be writing this blog - so let me introduce you to the last medical supply store you'll ever need. It's SurgiMac.

If you're not interested in my blog and just wanted to know my medical supply secret, well now it's out. You can go straight from here to the SurgiMac website, just visit

Here's where it starts to get really interesting though - SurgiMac doesn't just resell other manufacturer's instruments, or even manufacture other brands' designs. They make their own instruments, with their own custom designs, and they sell them at special rates to healthcare professionals in the USA.

Why do they make their own designs? The same reason anyone does - they found a way to do it better, and they can do it more affordably by manufacturing the instruments themselves - higher quality tools for about the same rate sounds like a win-win to me.

Enough with the "how" though, let's talk about the "what."

Their new SurgiMac Pro Series of essential instruments contains 20 unique products, each manufactured to the highest quality standards for both precision and durability. These instruments are available to anyone, with or without a SurgiMac account, although healthcare professionals can access them at special rates not available to the general public, by registering for a free account.

That's what I forgot to tell you about! If you register with SurgiMac, which is totally free, super easy, and quick - you'll get access to their special rates for healthcare professionals and same-day shipping.

As a registered user, with a totally free account, you can get same-day shipping on all new surgical instruments, disinfectants, or medical supplies, at no extra cost. How?

This is the best part. To access same-day service for any shipment, you only have to complete your orders before noon, EST, from a registered SurgiMac account. All orders will be shipped from within the USA, and from the SurgiMac warehouse closest to you, whenever possible.

I'm getting sidetracked though - let's get back to the instruments, I just want to talk about a couple of my favorites, really quickly.

The new Pro Series includes an improved Blumenthal Rongeur with an ergonomic design and 45-degree jaws, that feels just as solid as it looks. This 6-inch bone instrument is crafted from stainless steel to provide a lightweight feel, maximum durability for removing small pieces of bone, and easy sterilization after the procedure.

Of course, not everyone uses a Blumenthal Rongeur - what if you're a dentist, for example? Then you should check out the new Astra-type 1.8 cc aspirating syringe, for the next time you need to inject some anesthetics. The new design features a reusable, stainless steel instrument with disposable syringe tips for each client and an advanced ergonomic grip. While the instrument is primarily constructed of high-grade stainless steel as you would expect, it has also been chrome plated to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

That may not be something most people have to consider - but then most people aren't dentists, putting these instruments into their client's highly corrosive mouths.

By this time, you might have noticed that I've only talked about SurgiMac brand products, and you could be wondering why that is...

Well, the truth is, I quite like them. They're top-tier instruments, and they're affordably priced.

If the SurgiMac brand isn't your style, that's alright, they've also partnered with major medical manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, including PDI, Biofreeze, and Pierrel Pharma. There's a long list of other partners, but I don't want to list them all here - if you're curious, just check out their website.

Here's why it matters though - as an authorized provider for major brands, SurgiMac is able to offer similar special rates, same-day shipping, and warranties on a wide range of products from reputable healthcare brands you already know and trust. I'm not just talking about surgical instruments anymore either, they also carry disinfectants, personal protective equipment, wound care items, and so much more.

However, certain items, such as injectable anesthetics, are only available to healthcare professionals that have registered for a free account. That's not a complaint, by the way, I'm glad they restrict certain items - but it is a reminder to sign up for a free account before you complete your order.

While you're at it, tell your friends, co-workers, and anyone else you know who can benefit from SurgiMac. This isn't a pie, and there's more than enough to go around for everyone.

Oh, and if you want to see those surgical instruments we've been talking about, just visit

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