Horticulture LED Grow Lighting: 340W Lights Cut Electricity Consumption In Half

Jun 3, 2024

If you want a successful indoor garden, all the components have to be tuned just right. Superior LED Technologies has what you need – their finely adjustable, full-spectrum LED grow lights are precisely configured for energy efficiency and high yield.

If you want to start an indoor garden, there are many good reasons to do so – you’ll save money on food by growing your own organic foods, the plants can cleanse your household air, and they can even improve your home’s aesthetics, with a splash of green and the vibrant colors of veggies or flowers. Superior LED Technologies understands the joys of indoor cultivation and wants to ensure your gardening project is a success with precisely calibrated LED lighting

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Superior LED Technologies’ Superior Peak 340-watt LED grow lights have a blue-rich spectrum specially designed for vegetative growth that can improve your crop yields by as much as 50%. These grow lights have an ultra-slim form factor, making them compact and space-efficient, ideal for an indoor growing setup like yours. Their sleek design also makes installation easier and gives you more flexibility in positioning the lights.

Superior Cooling Technology

The lights’ Cryo-Therm cooling technology permits maximum airflow and minimizes microclimates. Maximum airflow ensures your plants receive an adequate oxygen and carbon dioxide supply and promotes healthy growth. Minimizing microclimates keeps environmental conditions uniform throughout your grow area and also promotes healthy plant growth.

Reliable, High-Performing, & Energy-Efficient

Superior LED Technologies’ full-spectrum growl lights are reliable, efficient, and can also help you save on utility bills. All their grow lights have been third-party tested and have been shown to cut electricity consumption by 50% to 75%. If you'd like to know how much you can save on your energy bill, the company is available to discuss with you the many utility rebate programs and incentives around LED use.

Besides the Superior Peak 340-watt lights, Superior LED Technologies also offers the Superior Peak 680-watt, the Superior Peak 840-watt, and the Superior Peak 1050-watt grow lights. All lights are optimized for single or multi-tier cultivation or high-intensity cultivation, allowing for uniform light distribution across all tiers and ensuring that plants at various heights receive adequate light intensity for photosynthesis and growth.

Get Personalized Advice

If you'd like additional guidance, you can request a free, personalized LED lighting strategy session with Superior LED Technologies to discuss your goals and discover which grow lighting technology would best suit your needs.

About Superior LED Technologies

Since 2014, Superior LED Technologies has been offering reliable, energy-efficient, full-spectrum LED grow light technology, with an impressive 62,000 hours of runtime reliability. Their engineering team holds multiple patents and has expertise in custom diodes and manufacturing design. They deliver the best-quality full-spectrum LED grow light solutions on the market for an affordable price.

Here's what one happy client had to say:

“This grow light has an awesome design, is lighter in weight, and its low profile makes up for the increase in distance from the canopy. It gives awesome quality light coverage and much deeper penetration through the canopy. It’s the best light on the market!”

Let your indoor garden flourish under the highest-quality indoor LED grow lights! You'll save on your grocery and energy bills, enjoy wholesome food and aesthetically pleasing plants, and you can do it all with maximum cost-effectiveness with Superior LED Technologies.

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