Horse & Human Health Improvement & Rehabilitation Portable Physiotherapy Cryo & Thermo Unit Hire Released

Mar 7, 2019

Aiding horses and athletes to improve performance before and after competition, ZamarUK (01440 821 650) a thermo and cryo unit company announced that portable physio units are now for hire.

Suffolk-based ZamarUK, a hot and cold therapy organization, has announced the hiring of their portable cryo and thermo therapy units for horses and athletes. Ideal for events, competition and rehabilitation, these units are easy to operate, replace ice and hot packs, and provide a massaging effect that stimulates tissue healing and increases recovery.

More information is available at

Just released, this new service provides athletes and horse stables with an affordable, on-site means to improve health both before and after competition. The units help to mobilize joints, and improve ligament and muscle movement before competition, and reduce stiffness and soreness, aiding in recovery after strenuous exercise. Plus, they help to speed up injury recouperation.

Both unique and revolutionary, the portable units help horses and athletes to perform at their peak. As a one-step system, these units minimize the effects of musculoskeletal trauma and accelerate new and old injury recovery.

Providing both hot and cold treatment, as well as massage therapy, the portable unit is programmable from a set temperature range of -3 to +40 and includes a pre-programmed massage function. Units weigh around 25 kilograms and hire is weekly, with a 3-week minimum commitment. Those looking to buy a unit after hiring, may also receive a discount on their purchase price.

With units used in several top horse racing, show jumping, eventing and dressage yards, as well as by high performing athletes and jockeys, ZamakUK has an extensive list of referrals. The company also offers an exceptional service and is there to answer any questions prior to during the hiring or buying of their equipment.

When asked about the units, an equine orthopedic surgeon said, “I recently required a knee replacement due to advancing arthritis. I used a Zamar cold therapy treatment unit five times daily during the post-operative rehabilitation to suppress the inflammation in the operated knee. The Zamar cold therapy treatment bandage conformed well to my leg and the consistent cryotherapy was tremendous in suppressing the pain and inflammatory joint swelling following the surgery.”

“The Zamar cold treatment helped me to achieve excellent early mobilization resulting in good knee flexion and function. My consultant orthopedic surgeon was greatly impressed by progress at the 4-week post-operative re-assessment and was genuinely shocked by the joint flexibility and function I could achieve so early after this major surgery. There is no doubt that the Zamar cryotherapy machine was extremely influential in my rapid post-operative recuperation which allowed me to return to work, as a busy equine veterinarian, four weeks after the operation.”

To find out more about ZamarUK and their portable horse and sports physio units, call 01440 821 650 or visit the link above. The website provides visitors with additional information on these and other units, and also offers more detailed information about the unit’s capabilities.

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