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Nov 25, 2023

Did you know you can run your own MedSpa or salon, from your own home, as your own boss? The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy provides all the training you need in only 8 weeks – and you don’t even have to quit your day job.

Did you know that one of the most common reasons people get stuck in dead-end jobs, is simply because they have no time to learn anything else?

That's why the Dermysk Academy does its training differently - in a way that lets you get fully certified for a new career without quitting your day job, spending a fortune on a babysitter, or having to travel to a new country just for school.

In fact, their new system is so easy, that you can learn everything you need to in as little as 8 weeks, and I'm not talking about the bare minimum requirement either. They'll get you fully trained, experienced, and ready to work in a MedSpa, or even to open your own business.

If running your own business, or even just getting out of a dead-end job, is one of your goals - then bookmark their page now, so you can check it out later. All the details for individual courses, the locations of each Academy, and a full list of the techniques you can learn are all at https://academy.dermysk.com/

What I like about their Academy, is that they make things convenient, without sacrificing the quality of your education.

You'll learn everything required to operate a MedSpa business, including the legal and hygiene requirements, how to deal with complications, and several personalized business strategies - and that's all before you ever step foot in a classroom. It just makes sense - why make you waste time in a classroom when you could learn the same information online, on your own schedule?

Another thing I like about their Academy is the reasonable qualification requirements.

They don't expect you to have 10 years of experience starting off - in fact, they don't expect you to have any. Their new classes require no previous qualifications, other than a high school diploma, or some form of relevant work experience, any kind really.

So How Does It Work?

After you pick a class and enroll, you'll receive access to 7 online training modules, which can be completed from anywhere, at any time. These modules explain the MedSpa industry, the scientific basis for each procedure, and how to perform each procedure included in the course.

The important thing here is that you can work on them whenever is convenient for you - there are no time limits or deadlines. If you're busy with life, you can take it slow - and if you're ready for action, you can cruise through the course at top speed. It's your choice.

Now obviously, the class isn't all online - so when you're done with the online modules, it's time to book the fun part of the course - the practical training.

Depending on where you are, there's probably a Dermysk Academy near you, right now. They're scattered all over Canada, so it's up to you. You could go to the nearest Academy in your hometown - or you could use it as a reason to travel across the country, and maybe get your practical training in Ontario or Quebec.

Wherever you go, you'll get your hands-on training from Dermysk specialists who will walk you through everything, answer all your questions, and generally get you prepared to start your new career. You'll get hands-on experience with real tools, real techniques, and even a few real clients.

Of course, you can't expect to become a master aesthetician from just one class - but you will get fully certified to perform about a dozen of the most popular procedures, just from the Basic training. I won't list them all here - because it's a long list, but you can find it on their website.

It's pretty much what you might expect, the Basic course covers procedures like laser hair and tattoo removal, micro-blading, derma-planing, and fractional ablation.

If you want to learn the really advanced techniques, like Cool Sculpting, laser gynecology, and stem cell treatments - they teach those too... just not in the Basic course.

As a graduate, you can return for the Advanced course at any time, even right after you graduate - but that's up to you. Basic training is all you need to get started - and it could be all you need for several years.

I don't know, I'm not trying to tell you how to run your business - if you want that kind of training, you can get it from the Dermysk Academy.

Check them out for yourself - and if you have a friend who's a perfect fit for this training and career, don't hold out, let them know.

All the details are at https://academy.dermysk.com/

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