Holladay, UT Florist Offers Seasonal Flower & Succulent Subscription Services

Apr 26, 2023

Are you tired of scrambling to find a last-minute gift every time a special occasion crops up? Salt Lake City’s Botanical Eden can help you with that. Check out their handy flower arrangement and houseplant subscription services by giving them a call at 801-834-1495 today!

If you have a wide social circle, there’s probably a lot going on all the time. A wedding here, an anniversary there, a birthday in a week, a graduation in two, an impromptu baby shower to celebrate an early arrival… You get the picture. With all of this in mind, it probably gets tiring to run to the nearest flower shop every time a special occasion crops up, especially when you’re already so busy.

That’s why Botanical Eden is here for you. With their flower subscription services, you can sign up to get weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly deliveries of roses, seasonal flowers, and houseplants sent right to your doorstep! That’s sure to take the guesswork out of planning for all those unexpected events, because when you’ve got a constant stream of flowers headed your way every month, that’ll give you all the legroom you need to line up those gifts for giving!

Visit https://www.botanicaleden.com/ to learn more!

It’s probably not surprising that people of all generations love flowers. They’re vibrant, they’re fragrant, they’re a miracle of nature - what’s not to love about them? But here are some hard numbers anyway. According to one survey, 73% of Americans from all age groups said that they highly appreciate flowers; 88% of respondents in the same survey said that giving flowers as a gift made them happy, while 80% said that receiving flowers made them feel the same way.

If you want to bestow that happiness upon someone you hold dear (and have a share of that happiness yourself), Botanical Eden can help you. Botanical Eden hand-selects fresh, high-quality seasonal plants for their floral arrangements and bundles, making them ideal for gifts. By signing up for the company’s subscription services, you can receive flowers or houseplants at set intervals for up to a year, or you can opt for ongoing deliveries if you happen to really like flowers.

The roses that Botanical Eden delivers as part of the service are freshly cut and come in a variety of vibrant colors. And while roses are definitely a timeless classic, maybe you want something that breaks convention a little. That’s fine too; Botanical Eden offers a range of popular seasonal flowers, such as carnations, sunflowers, and Gerbera daisies.

You can even subscribe to receive repeated deliveries of easy-care succulents, foliage plants, and flowering houseplants, such as anthuriums and orchids, and these are suitable as gifts as well. They’re also great as home decor. Houseplants can really liven up a place, and they even freshen up the air for you just by photosynthesizing. How nice of them!

When customizing your subscription, you have a choice between original, deluxe, and premium plans, with the latter two options offering additional high-quality blooms or plants to enhance the arrangement. So if you’re having second thoughts about giving all those plants away and want to keep some for yourself, you won’t go wrong getting the deluxe or premium bundles! You can also specify what occasion the arrangement is for and include a signed card with a custom message.


Botanical Eden was founded by Jennifer Hansen, a florist with over 20 years of experience in the floral arrangement and wedding industries. Under her ownership, Botanical Eden has become one of the leading floral design companies in Utah.

A satisfied customer said: “Botanical Eden’s flowers are beautiful, and their arrangements are amazing! Jennifer is so incredibly talented. The flowers arrived totally fresh and more than met our expectations for the price! These are top-quality florals for all occasions! I highly recommend this company!”

So, whether you’re searching for a nice gift for a friend or just something nice for yourself (because, hey, you need to treat yourself sometimes), Botanical Eden is the one-stop shop for all things floral. In fact, it’s home to the best florist in Salt Lake City, so the choice should be pretty easy!

For the most thoughtful gifts of all time, Botanical Eden has everything you need. Just hop on over to https://www.botanicaleden.com/ to get started on your purchase!

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