Holiday Plans With Rental Cars For Work-From-Home Employees: Travel Agent Rates

Jun 13, 2024

Remote employees and gig workers need a summer break, but fitting it into the schedule and budget can be tough. Travorium, a little-known travel booking site, offers vacation packages for would-be digital nomads looking to balance work and play.

Working from home may be convenient, but it's not as luxurious as you expected. Eliminating your commute was supposed to give you a break. So now why does it feel like you're always working? Maybe you're a gig worker who doesn't get paid time off. This arrangement still shouldn't doom you to live out your days at a desk in your spare room. If you really can work anytime, from anywhere, maybe it's time to test that theory.

Do you need a change of scenery? Travorium, an emerging travel booking site, offers vacation plans for remote workers looking to add a little more pleasure to their business. If you'd like to learn more, please visit

A Changing Workforce

An increasing number of workers find themselves in work-from-home positions, whether full-time or freelance, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. Roughly 14 percent of all American adults work from home in some form. A third of those work fully from home, while many more have a hybrid schedule.

Some remote workers get paid time off, but others hold freelance positions where there’s no pay if they don’t work. But gig workers shouldn’t be chained to their home office. Travorium offers holiday packages allowing you to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle - working from a different location, then exploring the destination during your off hours.

Traveling For Pocket Change

Travorium offers affordable, flexible vacation options to fit every schedule and lifestyle. While last-minute bookings used to be cheaper on well-known booking sites, now they may be more expensive than early reservations. These traditional sites are known to inflate fees to help pad their bottom lines.

But Travorium cuts unnecessary fees and extra costs to give members lower rates. The company's members-only prices let digital nomads pay less and keep earning money. Some customers find bookings for rental cars, excursions, and more at rates up to 70 percent below retail.

Change Your Location and Your Life

Travorium has partners in more than 2,000 destinations. Popular locations with high-speed Internet options include Bali, Indonesia; the island of Martinique; and Las Vegas, Nevada. WiFi access may vary by location.

In addition to low rates, Travorium gives you the opportunity to earn additional income. You can earn money from anywhere using your mobile device. The networking platform creates residual income opportunities that can help support your travel, lifestyle expenses, and more.

To see more about the opportunities available with Travorium, please visit

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