HOBOT-388 is a great option for washing upper floor, large and small windows.

May 4, 2021

Anyone with a goal to reduce household chores and have more time to spend with the loved ones should consider purchasing HOBOT-388 for washing small and medium-sized windows. The robot is also a great option for washing windows on the upper floors.

The model is called HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic, the prefix at the end makes it clear that the device is equipped with some kind of ultrasonic device. Indeed, it is an ultrasonic spray that wets the surface when washing windows. This additional option really helps to better cope with dusty and dirty windows, as well as moderate dirt.

The window cleaning robot is packed in a neat, compact box. It is quite informative. First of all, we see a mention of the main feature of the model – ultrasonic spraying of liquid.

HOBOT 388 Ultrasonic is made of black, matte plastic, not easily soiled. On the top, there is a start button, the power switch, and the connector for the power cable. The safety rope is already attached to the robot.

The liquid is poured into an opening with a sealed valve. The spray is already in place, aiming just at the area in front of the cleaning cloths.

Mobile application can be connected to Push messages on your smartphone. It will notify of the end of the cleaning cycle, power outages, and possible errors. This is a very important feature that frees the user from observing the robot. For example, if the power goes off, the robot will alert by sending a message to the connected smartphone that it needs to be removed from the window as soon as possible. Also at this time, the robot beeps and blinks to draw attention to it as soon as possible.

In conclusion, highlighted are the main advantages and disadvantages of this model.


– Stylish design and smart construction.

– Unique system of ultrasonic spraying of cleaning liquid.

– The low height of the body allows the robot to be launched even on windows with bars.

– Three different control methods.

– Functionality on various surfaces, including embossed glass.

– Good quality window cleaning from dust and dirt.

– A large supply (12) of cloths included.

– Push messages about the status of the work.

– Warranty and service support are provided.

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