Hire Fractional Executives For Your Startup: Join Hyrproz To Find Senior Talent

Jun 22, 2024

Looking for a recruitment solution that matches with your agile business philosophy? Harness the power of AI to give you access to the best fractional talent out there! Join Hyrproz!

Want to inject some world-class executive talent into your startup but struggling to see how you'll afford it?

Sign up for Hyrproz – a new platform specializing in fractional recruitment solutions. Why hire permanently when you can go fractional? Save money, save time, and scale your company in a more affordable way. More details at https://www.hyrproz.com

The public launch in July 2024 follows several months of stealth mode operations, during which the company has amassed a large network of over 10,000 qualified and vetted candidates for fractional executive and non-executive positions. Hyrproz helps you resolve human resources challenges and gives you access to top talent on a project-by-project basis.


The platform is designed to make hiring a smoother, faster, and less risky proposition. With a flexible hiring model, you can employ and release candidates as and when you need to without having to shoulder the costs of permanently paid staff. Hyrproz also enables you to react quickly to changing staff needs – from rapid scaling of the workforce to urgent replacements in the case of bad hires.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional full-time employment is no longer the prevailing working model for employees or their superiors. According to Forbes, the fractional hiring model can save businesses an average of 30 to 40% on the costs of full-time, contracted staff. Companies can also use the fractional hiring process to assess the suitability of candidates for permanent roles, allowing them to see how well they perform in their temporary positions, fit within the culture, and interact with colleagues.

Top-Level Execs

With its database of fractional executives, Hyrproz offers you more than simply a pool of freelancing talent. All candidates are senior executives working at a high level for leading companies who can bring their experience and insight to bear on your emerging business.

AI Power

The software provides AI-powered candidate and company matching so you don't have to manually sift through resumes and large databases. Once the system presents some talent suggestions, you can start informal conversations with candidates to assess if they feel right for the available roles.

Scale With Speed

The company's fractional hiring solutions are much faster than traditional processes, saving you time and resources and meeting the need for agile and scalable staffing solutions for senior roles.

Looking For Work?

For candidates themselves, Hyrproz provides flexible, highly rewarding job opportunities and the chance to earn competitive secondary incomes. The system also means that executives can sample new roles. “Work with one or multiple startups while still keeping your full-time job,” a spokesperson says. “It is a great way to start working with startups and see if that is something that excites you. Many fractional roles lead to full-time positions over time.”

Sign up for the waitlist and be a part of the platform as soon as it goes public at the end of July.

Join the new recruitment revolution with Hyrproz!

For more information, go to https://www.hyrproz.com

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