Hire Experienced Fractional Executives: New Platform Offers 10,000+ Candidates

Jul 1, 2024

Hiring a fractional executive is the efficient way to gain the skills and experience your business needs. Hyrproz is a new platform that was designed from the ground up with this purpose in mind.

Fast, Reliable & Risk-Free Fractional Talent

While fractional talent offers many benefits, the hiring process can be slow, and there’s always the risk that they don’t perform as hoped. With a growing network of more than 10,000 vetted candidates, Hyrproz simplifies the process of finding and hiring top fractional talent.

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The new platform has been operating ‘under the radar’ for several quarters, and it will be launched publicly on July 20, 2024. The fact that they already have a candidate pool of 10,000+ senior executives is impressive enough, but that’s only the beginning.

The cost-effective nature of fractional employment makes it especially attractive if you’re a startup, small business, or company founder. Hyrproz brings several additional benefits, such as finding and hiring skilled executives right at the time you need them. 

"We invite companies and professionals to join the Hyrproz platform as we gear up for our public launch," said the Hyrproz team. "Our mission is to make hiring fast, efficient, and risk-free."

A Changing Workforce

According to a recent Gartner report, up to 40% of the global workforce will be classed as ‘independent’ by next year, which includes contract, freelance, temporary, and gig workers. Fractional executives may also fall into this category, but they work on a slightly different basis, sharing their specialized skills and experience, often with smaller companies, on an ongoing basis.

With the upcoming launch, Hyrproz will offer a resource that was designed specifically for businesses like yours who want to find top fractional executives. The firm points out that, while fractional talent can be hired from many employment websites, few or none are dedicated to this function alone.

A Fast & Easy Process

The platform has been developed to make the hiring process as straightforward as possible. You can create opportunities, and an AI-based matching system then identifies the most suitable candidates. In-platform conversations can then be held with the candidates that have been identified for each opportunity. 

“Startup needs are urgent, but hiring is often slow,” the company continues. “In addition, many startups hire too early or too expensive. With fractional talent, startups can get the work done without adding large costs, and our platform makes the entire process more agile, while also mitigating the risk of hiring the wrong individual.”

Be sure to join the most innovative fractional talent hiring platform when it launches in just a few weeks.

Check out https://www.hyrproz.com so you can learn more.

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