Highly-Rated Johnston County Dealership Offers Modular Buildings & Metal Garages

Mar 7, 2024

Getting a custom-made portable building is easier than ever with Hinton Buildings! Call them at (919) 525-2506 to learn more about their metal and wooden building design services in Johnston County!

Sometimes, you need a garage, but not just a garage. It has to be a little more than that - something that can also act as a storage room, a shelter, or maybe just a cool place to hang out with your friends. The notion of finding a retailer that can give you all of that may be dizzying, but now that you’ve found Hinton Buildings, you can cut that search short right now! Because in addition to their ready-made residential, commercial, and agricultural structures, they can design a detached building that’s fit for your lifestyle! It really is that easy!

Bring your vision to life today at https://www.hintonbuildings.com/

Portable Buildings Tailored to Your Preferences

You’ll be able to work closely with Hinton Buildings’ team of experienced consultants to decide the size, layout, color, and finishes of your desired structure. If you’re not too good at communicating what you want, don’t worry. A 3D modeler is also available on the dealership’s website, allowing you to better visualize the product you have in mind. 

It’ll be much easier to realize your vision if you can just show the builders what you want, right? And they agree! 

Durable Metal Buildings

Metal buildings can be scaled from 12 to 70 feet, with a wide variety of insulation and door options available. Regardless of the amount of personalization, all metal structures will be fabricated with high-quality steel, ensuring that they are long-lived and can withstand a multitude of weather conditions. If you’re in need of a portable building, metal garage, or carport, Hinton Buildings recommends this choice for you.

Rustic Wooden Buildings

Do you crave the charm of an old-fashioned barn? You can get that here too! As an authorized dealer of Old Hickory Buildings, Hinton Buildings is also capable of designing Old Hickory wooden barns and sheds for you. Pricing and design vary by wind zone with the company offering standard-wind designs to residents of Princeton and Dunn and high-wind designs to customers east of Goldsboro. 

Ready-Made Buildings for Your Perusal

If you don’t need customization, you can also choose from a selection of pre-designed lofted barns, playhouses, and utility structures, among others. Having just extended its inventory, Hinton Buildings has quite a lot of options!

Keep in mind, though, that their wooden structures are only sold and delivered within 50 miles of their sales locations. That said, the dealership offers statewide shipping and installation services for all metal buildings.

The Dealership Everyone Keeps Coming Back To

Founded in 2015, Hinton Buildings has since become one of the top dealers in the Old Hickory Buildings network. The company is committed to providing exemplary service to its clients and is proud to boast many returning customers. 

Take it from this satisfied customer, who said: “Excellent customer service. Jamie has been a huge help in getting the building and additional quotes put together. I’m very happy with the quality, too! I will continue to work with Hinton on future projects.”

And they’re clearly doing something right, since there are many more positive testimonials where that came from. In fact, following numerous successes, Hinton Buildings has recently expanded operations to Dunn and La Grange. So no matter where you are in North Carolina, if you’re in need of a custom portable building of any kind, you know who to trust to get you one that exceeds your expectations!

Visit https://www.hintonbuildings.com/ to get started!

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