Highlighting Some of the Perks of Anzea’s collection “Too Close to Call.”

Aug 22, 2018

Anzea discusses the benefits of using their fabric from the line “Too Close to Call.” This fabric is a faux leather that looks incredibly similar to real leather.

  • highlighting some of the perks of anzea s collection too close to call
  • highlighting some of the perks of anzea s collection too close to call
  • highlighting some of the perks of anzea s collection too close to call

Fort Worth, Texas (August 22, 2018)- Anzea Textiles of Fort Worth, Texas, announces the product benefits of one of their lines of coated fabrics. They are faux leather, but so similar to real leather that it is “too close to call,” which is where the product gets its name. They come with a nylon matrix backing that makes them puncture resistant as well as self healing. The matrix backing is so good at these two things that one can attempt to damage the fabric with a ballpoint pen. With quite a bit of force someone can eventually punch a hole through the fabric. Once damaged, the fabric will not continue to break or tear and the hole does not enlarge further. Instead, the fabric can even be stretched to significantly reduce the size of the hole, making it nearly disappear. The “Too Close To Call” collection offers a one layer construction to their coated fabric, which prevents it from having any hydrolysis, peeling, or cracking. This Anzea collection is also ink resistant. Accidental ink stains can be removed with Anzea’s Ink Cleaner Stick. The ink easily wipes off clean leaving the leather looking brand new again.

Sarah Tofan introduced “Too Close to Call” in one of the company’s Youtube videos. The channel is used to feature product demos and give insider access to the designs and inspirations behind them. This Youtube channel is a visual way to also show the performance characteristics the products have to offer such as the self-healing aspect and the ink resistant feature. In the world today, being able to visually experience what makes these products so unique through these videos gives Anzea a major advantage.

Anzea Textiles started in 1990 when the creative director, Mitzi Mills, and business partner, Bruce Doeren, joined together to offer colorful, high performance fabrics. The bold designs that Mitzi Mills creates are reflective of her graphic design background. They also show her love of travel and photography. Anzea has a mission to preserve our planet and its resources. The company makes sure the designs and processes are approached with sustainability and ethics in mind, and strive to leave a positive impact on the industry and community.

Anzea Textiles

200 N Vacek St. Suite D

Fort Worth, TX 76107

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