Hey Folks! Rudolph’s Got A Roadshow!

Nov 9, 2016

The Question is…………. Can Reindeers sing? The answer from Midge is………… Positively YES! …….. The answer from Mia is…………Emphatically Yes! and Rudolph’s Carolling Roadshow is back again to prove it!

Rudolph's Carolling Roadshow

Slanderous, recently reported claims that Reindeers cannot, and never have been able to sing, talk, or dance are vehemently refuted; and the perpetrators of such falsehoods rebuked, by Midge Summerfield, a Worcester based U.K. author.

The seventy two year old says her conclusions are not based on fantasy, hearsay, or dotage, but on the irrefutable evidence of tens of thousands of children world wide who will again welcome the visit of Santa Claus and the famous Red Nosed Reindeer this coming Christmas Eve.

She insists this is not a phenomenon experienced solely by well behaved kids, but also their indulgent Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who can themselves recall euphoric discoveries after Santa has made his escape, tipsy from the sherry wine, hunger appeased by the mince pie left out for him, and carrying aloft carroty offerings for his sleigh team.

Midge sympathises with those who might not have such experiences to call upon, or who might have (conveniently?) forgotten, but suggests they should accept, unequivocally, the assurances of any juvenile within their family circle who will surely apprise them, in no uncertain terms, of the FACTS…. Reindeers DO sing!

This is no better illustrated, she says, than in the case of Mia, a young lady in Worcestershire who, as Christmas approached last year, was confined to her bedroom by a contagious disease. Doleful beyond compare at missing out on all the fun events at School, she had a surprise visit from the Red nosed Reindeer in person. Rudolph transmitted for her, a special performance of his Carolling Road show in which all of the Reindeers in Santa’s sleigh team performed.

After six decades of researching similar stories Midge insists there are many such instances of the ability of Reindeer to sing. "It is " she says, "Also true that Father Christmas lives at the North Pole, and Elves live forever. " To perpetuate her beliefs she has begun to publish short stories of their exploits.

"Those with doubts should contest the facts in print. " she told our reporter

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