Hertfordshire Traditional West African Catering For Nigerian Wedding Parties

Jun 14, 2024

Do you want the taste of freshly made, authentic West African cuisine at your events? Ellesu Restaurant (+447946878254) makes the best Nigerian food in Hertfordshire!

When you picture a Nigerian wedding in the UK, do you think of traditional dishes and snacks like jollof rice, eforiro, puff puff and moin moin?

If you can think it, you can have it. Call Ellesu Restaurant for Nigerian food wedding catering services in Hertfordshire.

Why Ellesu Restaurant?

The restaurant published a case study of its recent project—a wedding party at Ashbridge House in Hertfordshire, UK. The case study provides a detailed analysis of the event, from the initial setup to the glowing praise from the happy groom.

Ellesu Restaurant oversaw presentation, serving, and food safety for 100 guests over a four-hour period.

Mission: A December Wedding to Remember

Jossy and Jovana's wedding was a cozy winter celebration, where they wanted to treat their Hertfordshire guests to the rich diversity of Nigerian cuisine.

Ellesu Restaurant got the contract thanks to a glowing recommendation from the groom's friend, a previous client who enjoyed their delicious Abacha and top-notch service.

Delivery: Ellesu Nigerian Food Event Catering

The restaurant procured fresh ingredients from local African food stores and meat markets, presenting a buffet that featured a range of cultural delicacies including the famed jollof rice, moin moin, abacha, puff puff, plantain dog, and fried yam with sauce.

The highlights of Ellesu's service included:

  • Abacha: An African salad masterpiece loaded with fried fish, stewed cow foot, and garnishes.
  • Puff-Puff Display: The restaurant brought on an engineer to create a beautiful, lit-up revolve for the puff-puff.
  • Photography: A partnership with a content creator to take pictures of the spread and memorable moments during setup. 

The Happy Couple Loved Ellesu

The groom praised Ellesu Restaurant’s wedding caterers for their professional attention to detail—from the stunning food presentation to meeting everyone's dietary needs.

“Ellesu catered our wedding with authentic Nigerian dishes that were a hit with all our guests. The Jollof rice and African salad were favorites,” he said. 

About Ellesu Restaurant 

Founded by Onyinye Olive, a talented chef and restaurateur from Anambra state, Nigeria, this catering team is all about versatility, quality, and culinary excellence. They push the boundaries of creativity and reimagine traditional recipes by fusing Nigerian and British cuisines.

Beyond catering Hertfordshire weddings, private parties, and other events, the restaurant offers private chef dining, cooking workshops, food content creation, and customized meal deliveries across the UK.

Ellesu Restaurant is your go-to for delivering authentic, mouthwatering Nigerian flavors.

You can find more information on the restaurant's services at https://austinguidered.com/dt_listing/ellesu-restaurant-catering-services/

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