Hertfordshire Authentic Nigerian Catering For Weddings & Private Parties

Feb 16, 2024

Ellesu Restaurant (+44-7946-8782-54) is a well-known wedding caterer that serves authentic Nigerian food.

It was a spectacular wedding last December when Jossy finally wed the love of his life, Jovana! Ellesu Restaurant served a culinary symphony that delighted the senses and warmed the soul. From homemade Jollof rice to delicate puff puff, the trusted wedding caterer was praised for its delicious food that made even the groom tear up from joy.

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When was the last time food was so good, you wanted to cry? The thing is, you don’t need to have a wedding to get a taste of home—even when you’re in the UK! If you want authentic Nigerian cuisine, there’s really only one name you need to remember.

Authentic Nigerian food, just like your grandma used to make

Ellesu Restaurant was honoured to be chosen as the only wedding caterer serving authentic Nigerian dishes at Jossy’s and Jovana’s wedding in Hertfordshire, UK.

Olive Onyi, the founder and creative mind behind Ellesu, says that the event reminded her of why she loves her chosen career path so much. In the intimate wedding ceremony, she served their favourite authentic Nigerian dishes, such as Jollof rice, stick beef, fish, moin moin, fried yam and sauce, Abacha, meat pie, spring rolls, puff puff, and plantain dog.

Leaving a lasting impression

During the event, Olive served around 100 people for 4 hours with 3 other staff members. She recalls that many guests enjoyed their meals, especially her Jollof rice, which is a rice dish made with tomatoes, chillies, and a variety of spices. Keeping it simple and authentic, Olive cooked the Nigerian version of the dish, adding thyme, bay leaves, curry powder, and small amounts of nutmeg to the long-grain rice that was cooked in meat broth. The dish was served with fried chicken, fried ripe plantains, and coleslaw.

Considered the “king” of Nigerian dishes, Joloff rice is typically served at weddings to symbolize prosperity and happiness for the couple. It is one of the most celebrated dishes in Nigeria and is even the topic of a debate between food experts in Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal over whose version is better.

All dishes were made using ingredients sourced from local African food stores and meat markets.

A winter celebration, a summer taste

Olive clarifies that she uses the recipes that she learned at home, under the watchful eye of her late grandmother. She could only cook indomie noodles and yam and beans porridges at the beginning; but eventually, she learned how to put her own “spin” to Nigerian food, while still keeping its authentic taste.

She now brings a taste of her grandmother’s cooking to all the events she is invited to cater.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "At Ellesu, we strive to explore the art of food making whilst stretching and manipulating its form. The beauty and the art of food making is remarkable. It is a platform where Olive showcases her many skills and talents, from a.) making traditional dishes made easy yet indigenously crafty, b.) developing and creating food recipes for enhancing our taste buds, c.) providing coaching and advice on the best techniques and d.) catering as well as planning dishes for both your events and your overall lifestyle goals."

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