Help Your Kids To Learn & Grow With Max Rhymes Kids Books For Giving Thanks, Learning Manners & Being Responsible.

Nov 6, 2018

A new site has been launched for Max Rhymes, a line of children’s books designed to help kids grow and prosper. The books are designed to be enjoyable but with powerful, life changing methods.

  • help your kids to learn amp grow with max rhymes kids books for giving thanks le
  • help your kids to learn amp grow with max rhymes kids books for giving thanks le

Max Rhymes has launched a new site showcasing its great range of children's books for ages 0-7 years old. The picturesque, colorful and enjoyable books are designed to empower children to believe in their future with fun stories and powerful messages.

More information can be found at:

Max Rhymes books are enjoyable for children to read, and can help kids to change their mindset, learn, and grow while they enjoy the story. The best part for parents is that they don’t have to do anything more than read with their children.

The team behind Max Rhymes explains that, as they read more, the children will soon have the books memorized, and will appear to be reading even before the child can sound out the letters. What’s more, throughout this process, children will begin nurturing a positive belief system, which will stay with them forever.

The books feature Max Rhymes, his sister Molly, and their friends - giving kids recurring characters to get behind and enjoy with their stories. The books teach core values that the children can grow up with, emulating Max just as they would with one of their close friends.

Some of the products available on the online store include the Triple Play With Giving Thanks, Fun Activity Books For Parents & Kids, and the Max Rhymes Plush Doll.

Others include Max and Molly Learn Their Manners, Be Responsible Like Max, Daydream with Max and Molly, Get Inspired With Max, and other stories that children are sure to love.

The vision behind Max Rhymes is the brainchild of Jacqueline Courtney and Todd Courtney, who were both raised in San Jose, CA. They decided to write children’s stories after seeing how so many of today’s youth got trapped in the same cycles as their parents.

Now, with Max Rhymes, children have the potential to learn something that their parents don’t necessarily know.

Interested parties can find out more on the URL above, and sign up to the newsletter and receive the free 60 page activity book.

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