Help Promote Imaginative Play & Boost Normalcy For Children With Cancer On This Dress Up Site

Apr 27, 2017

A dress up costume shop has teamed up with cancer fighting organization Candlelighters to help raise money for charity. It promotes make believe and imagination, helping children to get a sense or normalcy in their lives.

Little Adventures, a specialist dressup shop with a range of items available for children, has teamed up with Candlelighters of New York to bring hundreds of dresses and costumes to children with severe illnesses. The aim of the pairing is to help bring joy to the children who need it most.

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The Little Adventures story is an inspiring story.

"In 2002, when two moms discovered the lack of clothing-quality dress-ups and princess costumes available for their children, they decided to take action. Jenny Harrison, mother of ten, and Heather Granata, mother of five, began their own little adventure by sewing and selling their very own dress-ups at local craft fairs."

Little Adventures is dedicated to nurturing imagination and the magic that lives in young children. To this end, it provides a collection of princess dress ups, magical mermaids, and hero costumes that can help bring a smile to someone's face.

Costumes available from Little Adventures are designed to be the perfect fit, and are comfortable, with no itchy underskins or fabrics. They have completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to make them complicated to put on.

In addition to this, the stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes, making each one more versatile, and Little Adventures explains that all items are made with quality fabrics and trims that help to ensure they are comfortable, washable and guaranteed.

The Candlelighters organization helps children fighting cancer and their families, by providing kids from all over the world with the chance to come to New York to receive the best paediatric treatment they can have.

Barbara Zobian from Candlelighters of New York said, "Children fighting cancer are just like any others, they love make believe… having your dolly dress up in a matching outfit is priceless…They are warriors and dressing up as a warrior in their capes and swords makes them feel more powerful. In addition to being beautiful, the dresses and boy costumes are made with kid’s comfort in mind…always soft and gentle on their skin. "

Throughout the process, Candlelighters provides an emotional support system full of love and comfort while the children travelling to New York are so far away from home. The aim is to be able to help improve the quality of life for children suffering from cancer, offering a fun, positive atmosphere to help them get a sense of normality back in their lives.

In a recent interview, Barbara talked about a young girl, Ava, who had received a dress from Little Adventures, "Ava loves to play dress up, due to cancer treatment her skin is sensitive. Little Adventures donated beautiful gowns that are as soft as pajamas. Ava could wear them all day. When Halloween came, the costume her parents purchased was too uncomfortable, so Ava chose to wear her dress up Snow White instead. Children with cancer want to play and do the things that healthy children do. Generous donations such as these comfortable gowns opens a world of play to these children."

Little Adventures can help with this mission by helping the children to make believe. Children can dress up as characters of their own creation or the heroes they love, and lose themselves in their imagination.

Candlelighters NYC will be in Washington DC for CureFest from September 16 - September 17, where they will be adding their voices against childhood cancer.

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