Help Encourage Children To Read & Write In The Classroom With Events By Nebraska Author Kristin Ganoung

Apr 10, 2017

Kristin Ganoung, the children’s author whose book George and the Stolen Sunny Spot is published by Prairieland Press, has announced two new school visits in April. She is available to provide further events in the local area.

Children's author Kristin Bauer Ganoung, whose novel, George and the Stolen Sunny Spot is published by Prairieland Press, has announced two school visits in April, where she will encourage reading and writing for enjoyment with young students. The events will take place on April 13 and April 17, and Kristin will work with children and read from her book to help inspire a love of reading. More information can be found at:

Kristin Ganoung resides in the Sandhills of Nebraska, where there's always plenty of sun and she can take picturesque strolls to help inspire her stories. She lives with her husband, two children, and their cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, pigeons and dog.

Her book, George and the Stolen Sunny Spot, is about a cat called George who is in charge of security on his human's farm. George thinks that he has his territory completely under control, until the day that he finds a strange kitten napping in his favorite spot on the porch. The kitten, whose name is Felix, has two canine bodyguards who chase George away from the spot that has always been his place to relax, and up into a tree.

Disgruntled, George vows to recover his spot, but as he progresses through a series of plans to reclaim his place in the sun, his plots are foiled by Felix and his friends. The other farmyard animals are soon falling under Felix's spell, and even George's human is tricked. If George is going to keep his place on the farm, he is going to need to think up a plan in quick order, before Felix takes over for good.

Children will enjoy the characterful tale of George, and enjoy recreating their own stories based on the characters in the book. The story is published by Prairieland Press, which is a small Midwestern publishing house that prides itself on providing high quality fiction for readers of all ages.

Workshops in schools can help to inspire a lifelong love of reading, and encourage children to chase their dreams. Ganoung is available for author visits and workshops around the local area, and can be contacted at: [email protected]. For more information about Prairieland Press books and their authors and school presentations, contact [email protected].

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