Heckathon Blockchain was the largest Indian Event By Goplugin Powered by XDC

Sep 30, 2022

At Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, recently held a 36 hours long Heckathon Event on 22nd Sept 2022 empowered by PLI Tokens & XDC Network

Heckathon Blockchain was the largest Indian Event By Goplugin Powered by XDC

India’s Largest Blockchain Hackathon, PLI Blockathon, Concludes With a Splendid Grand Finale

The first largest PAN India blockchain-led hackathon, PLI Blockathon powered by XDC.DEV, concluded on a triumphant note, unifying a vibrant community of blockchain developers of the nation. The 36-hour blockchain hackathon began on September 22 at Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India.

Plugin, a Decentralized Oracle, a product of UAE based Suvik Group of Companies, built on the XDC Network, along with its IPR Partner, HumCen Global Private Ltd., and Institutional Partner, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (SIST), successfully organized the grand hackathon. Notably, Vinod Khurana, CEO of Suvik Group of Companies, and Kapil Khurana, Director of Suvik with Sasikumar Chandran, Founder, and CEO of HumCen Global Pvt. Ltd. alongwith Dr. T Sasipraba, Vice Chancellor, SIST & Dr. Sasikala Dean, SIST were honourable dignitaries, who were instrumental in organising the PLI Blockathon India’22.

Other prominent blockchain-led firms such as XinFin, LedgerFi, LedgerMail, Unmarshal, XDSea, Stasis, StorX, OPOLO, Metabloqs, Flovtec, Law Blocks, and ComTech Gold sponsored the event, and NC Global Media was the official media partner of this grand hackathon.

Registrations for this event opened in late August and several blockchain developers, students, and research scholars from across the nation turned up with greater hype. On the final day of registration, September 10, more than 100 use cases from over 900 registrants entered the preliminary selection.

The participant teams were challenged to brainstorm and develop innovative prototypes of decentralized applications (dApps) on the XDC Network to leverage the decentralized oracle network, Plugin. Every team had to build a use case that fits into any of the following six categories - DeFi, Gaming apps, Web3, Apps for a good social cause, Ported dApps, and dApps to leverage PLI.

Out of all the entries, 35 use cases from over 100 registrants were shortlisted as the contenders for the PLI Blockathon India ’22. On Thursday, these teams were up for the 36-hour hackathon competing for the prime prize pool of INR 850,000.

Assembling the enthusiastic blockchain developers community on a single ground, the hackathon began with great momentum! Hours after hours the teams sped up their pace to accomplish their mission of uploading their projects’ open-source code as pull requests to Plugin Hackathon Repository on Github.

To encourage and inspire the young community, significant blockchain mentors, web3 experts, and top Industry leaders were featured as guest speakers at the PLI Blockathon. On the second day, 35 teams presented their prototypes for evaluation to the jury that included leading blockchain experts. Projects that introduced a unique idea, potential solution, seamless execution, and good software interaction with the XDC network qualified for the hackathon’s top 10 prototypes.

Putting an end to the anticipation, the jury announced the winners of the PLI Blockathon India’22 at the end of the day. The winners’ team won INR 500,000 and the following runner-up teams won INR 250,000 and INR 100,000. Out of the 35 finalist teams, various teams will be offered 3 months all expenses paid International Internship in Dubai.

In addition to the top 3, another top 7 teams were rewarded INR 50,000 worth of XDC tokens each by the Organizers. For the purpose of fostering blockchain enthusiasm in this vibrant community, the innovations of the rest finalist each team was also rewarded INR 25,000 worth of XDC tokens.

The hackathon’s intriguing tagline - “Fly Out of the Box” lived up to the hype throughout the event. PLI Blockathon India’22 had been a successful hunt for ambitious blockchain developers and their innovative projects. Hackathons are indeed the breeding grounds of revolutionary projects that could accelerate the growth of blockchain technology, web3, and other groundbreaking technologies. Notably, PLI Blockathon is the beginning of the mission to foster the hype and community’s curiosity toward this burgeoning industry.

About Plugin: Plugin (PLI) is a secure & scalable decentralized oracle platform that provides cost-effective answers for any smart contract that makes use of the XDC Network Ecosystem. The decentralized platform enables smart contracts to connect, in real-time, with data feed providers. While at it, the platform guarantees a high degree of security for the data, and with off-chain computation, the platform manages feeds from multiple providers and aggregates.

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