Heavy-Duty Post Stiffeners & Other Must-Have Tools For Fence Building Projects

May 31, 2024

Whether you’re a professional fence installer or simply attempting to build one for yourself, make sure you have the right tools for the job by reading Modern Fence Technologies’ (262-642-9123) new guide!

Benjamin Franklin once said, "The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade.” If this is the case, Modern Fence Technologies has three tools you need to invest in immediately! In its new guide, the fence and gate hardware supplier explains why your tool collection should have a post driver, pumpkin claw, and heavy-duty post stiffeners in it. They also recommend some makes and models of these tools for you to consider purchasing.

Go to https://mftfence.com/essential-tools-for-fencing-post-driver-pumpkin-claw-heavy-duty-post-stiffeners to have a read of the guide for yourself!

Post Driver

When it comes to inserting fence posts into the ground, Modern Fence Technologies argues that the most effective tool is a post driver, specifically the Rhino PD-55 Post Driver. They can be used to drive in T-posts, ground rods, tent stakes, grape stakes, delineator posts, form pins, and fence posts, and because they are pneumatic, they typically get the job done safer and quicker than more traditional fence post insertion methods.

“Achieving consistent post depth and alignment is critical for the stability and aesthetics of your fence,” explains the author of the guide. “A post driver ensures that every post is driven to the same depth, creating a uniform and professional-looking fence. It also enables you to work longer without exhaustion, resulting in a more efficient and precise installation.”

Pumpkin Claw

Because existing posts usually have to be removed before inserting new ones, Modern Fence Technologies recommends that you have a pumpkin claw at your disposal as well. Multi-purpose tools, pumpkin claws are able to grip and extract posts with precision and minimal effort, and they can be used to demolish things like concrete footings.

Heavy-Duty Post Stiffeners

Lastly, Modern Fence Technologies encourages you to stock up on heavy-duty post stiffeners. Not only do they prevent warping and bending over time, but they also help fences remain sturdy through adverse weather conditions, extending their lifespans even more.

Modern Fence Technologies: Your Source For These Tools And More

On its website, Modern Fence Technologies has an array of post drivers, pumpkin claws, and heavy-duty post stiffeners for you to consider. In their post driver range alone they have over a dozen pneumatic and gas-powered options from respected brands like Rhino. They also carry an assortment of post stiffeners, their smallest being 2.5" x 2.5" and their biggest being 5" x 5".

"Whether you're installing a new fence or maintaining an existing one, having the right tools can make all the difference," says the author. "A post driver, pumpkin claw, and heavy-duty post stiffeners are indispensable assets that can streamline your workflow and ensure professional-quality results. Invest in these essential tools today and take your fencing projects to the next level."

If you're in the market for a post driver, pumpkin claw, or some heavy-duty post stiffeners, then visit https://mftfence.com today!

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