Healthcare Authority Amplifier: Multi-Channel Marketing For Medspa Businesses

May 28, 2024

You might be great with your patients but how are your marketing skills? Are enough consumers finding your healthcare business? 2020 Vision Digital’s Healthcare Authority Amplifier can help!

Do you run a healthcare business? Do you love the work you do but find the promotional side of things hard?

2020 Vision Digital has a new digital marketing service for healthcare providers. Get in touch to find out how you can take your business to the next level! More details at

The Healthcare Authority Amplifier service is tailored to providers in the functional, integrative, and cosmetic medicine niches, helping you increase your online visibility, improve the consistency of your brand messages, and find and convert leads. From site re-branding, content creation, and merchandise store setup to multi-channel promotion, 2020 Vision Digital uses its marketing expertise to help you reach a new and wider audience.

Increase Your Local Traffic

Do you struggle to attract clients in your local area? The Healthcare Authority Amplifier can help with this. By identifying niche services and engaging your community through campaigns with a specific geographical focus, you can begin to build a loyal following on your doorstep and stand out amid the sea of online competition.

Be Discoverable

Studies suggest that as many as 7% of all Google searches are health-related with around 59% of adults in the US using the internet to search for information on medical issues as per the National Center for Health Statistics. With this in mind, Healthcare Authority Amplifier helps put you in front of these potential customers, improving search engine rankings and bolstering your online presence and reputation.

Case Studies

The 2020 Digital Vision website features several case studies of businesses that have used the Amplifier service, highlighting how effective it can be. Steadiwear – makers of a special glove that reduces hand tremors – saw their online fortunes reversed with 507 brand mentions within 10 days of the campaign commencing, #1 keyword rankings on Google, 158 keywords appearing on the first page of the search engine's results, and a large increase in traffic to their website. Fancy some of the same for your business?


By driving more organic traffic to your website and developing PPC strategies to encourage more high-intent customers to take up available offers, the Healthcare Authority Amplifier helps improve your conversions and return-on-investment rates while reducing the amount of money you've been spending on paid ads.

HIPAA Compliance

For its healthcare sector clients, the company ensures that all marketing materials are HIPAA compliant, keeping users safely within the bounds of PHI regulations.

A spokesperson says, “2020 Vision Digital stands out due to our specialized focus on the healthcare sector, particularly integrative, functional, cosmetic, and medspa clinics. Our unique Healthcare Double A Authority Amplifier system combines deep industry expertise with a commitment to personalized, data-driven strategies that ensure desired results.”

For a healthy, happy business choose the Health Authority Amplifier by 2020 Vision Digital

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