Health Insurance in Fort Worth Might See Spike In Enrollment via ACA

Apr 24, 2020

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Fort Worth, says it will be difficult for the current administration to devalue the ACA and possibly end amid the corona virus if so many Americans see it as a safety net.

Fort Worth health insurance could see a spike in enrollment as soon as now as millions of jobless — and now uninsured — Americans who previously relied on workplace healthcare coverage turn to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a viable safety net amid the massive health crisis caused by the corona virus. However, the bigger question is if the current administration will take this into consideration and temporarily suspend its ongoing legal crusade to destroy the oft-maligned bill.

Whether or not opponents of the ACA do such a thing depends significantly on how many newly-uninsured Americans sign up for health insurance in Fort Worth versus those who opt to self-isolate and take their chances amid growing concerns that we are also headed toward a long-term recession. Currently, the ACA insurance markets only represent a fraction of the 11 million workplace plan enrollees, but according to, the Labor Department reported a record-shattering 3.3 million unemployment claims just before the end of March. That number is almost guaranteed to balloon as more workers are furloughed or lose their jobs entirely due to business closures.

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Fort Worth says the current administration still has every intention of following through with a lawsuit that is expected to result in 20 million Americans losing health insurance. But he predicts that the record-setting unemployment rates will ultimately force them to rely on it — albeit temporarily. The ACA allows special enrollment periods for things like job loss or changes in household income. This is great news considering the ACA has been in the current administration’s crosshairs for what seems like an eternity. The current administration wishes to dissolve the ACA in its entirety and start from scratch, and support for that plan of attack has steadily grown. The latest news might hurt those efforts, Thornton said.

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