Health Insurance in Fort Worth May Be Expendable As Senate Bill Fails to Pass

Oct 21, 2021

Rick Thornton, a Fort Worth health insurance agent, says the total cost of expanding subsidies for another 10 years could cost roughly $600 billion and has prompted some lawmakers to suggest pushing it off until 2022.

Fort Worth health insurance may not see expanded federal healthcare programs come to fruition now that the current administration’s $3.5 trillion spending program faces the prospect of being scaled back, according to a spokesperson for Insurance4Dallas. A bombshell report by Yahoo, states that blue state lawmakers hope to pass a new bill using the budget reconciliation process, which requires only 51 votes in the Senate. But with an evenly divided voting stage, everything hangs in the balance.

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The American Rescue Plan already included $36 billion to be used to expand an addition two years of subsidies. Blue state lawmakers wish to push those subsidies for another 10 years in their new spending package. The report states that the total cost of these expansions is roughly $600 billion, which has prompted several who are against the bill to suggest pausing the legislation until possibly 2022. This would directly impact those with health insurance in Fort Worth. Dan Adcock, the government relations and policy director at the liberal National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, was quoted as saying, “I think that they can still get it done, but it may have to be done on a scale that’s smaller than we would have hoped. I think this is something that, at least in the advocacy community, people had anticipated this and know that this was going to be a likely outcome. I think there’s still going to be a bill, but it may not be as ambitious as we would have liked.”

Rick Thornton, a Fort Worth health insurance agent echoed the Yahoo! report, saying that reducing the amount of the overall bill would also mean reducing spending on the healthcare provisions. The current administration went out of its way to add a special enrollment period that just expired in August, and that extra time to apply made it easy for those who lost their jobs and employer-sponsored insurance due to the pandemic. Making concessions would go against the original purpose of the legislation.

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