Hattiesburg, MS Law Firm Helps Car Accident Victims Get Proper Recompense

Dec 7, 2021

If you need a car crash personal injury lawyer who serves Hattiesburg, Mississippi, get in touch with Attorney David S. Sullivan (1-601-649-4075).

Are you the victim of a car collision? This lawyer can help!

With Attorney David S. Sullivan's help, you can get proper recompense for injuries you sustained during a vehicular crash. You can then use the settlement to cover medical treatments, lost wages, or even funeral costs. 

Learn more by visiting https://davidsullivanlaw.com

His expert service is suitable whether you are the victim or a surviving family member. Attorney Sullivan offers aggressive representation and has successfully won settlements for hundreds of clients. 

As the number of vehicles on the road increases, so does the number of car collisions. Oftentimes, these mishaps result in bodily injuries—and in some cases, even death. 

Attorney Sullivan uses tested legal techniques to prove the culpability of offending parties, which forces them to compensate you. If the driver refuses to agree to a settlement, he can bring forth a case and litigate the matter in court.

Hiring a personal injury attorney drastically increases your chances of winning your case. This is because a lawyer is trained to seek out compelling evidence that can prove the defendant's guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Your lawyer can also hire medical expert witnesses who can attest to the severity of your injuries. These professionals can often diagnose conditions not easily visible to the naked eye, thus leading to bigger settlements.

As a prospective client, you can request a no-obligation consultation with the personal injury expert. You simply need to fill out an online form and provide preliminary details of your case.

Attorney David S. Sullivan strives to provide reliable but affordable legal services to victims of personal injury cases. He has over 25 years of experience in this practice and is an esteemed member of the Jones County Bar Association. In addition to Hattiesburg, he also serves the neighborhoods of Ellisville, Laurel, Collins, Magee, Taylorville, and Richton.

Attorney Sullivan says: "I handle various areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. I pride myself on providing personalized service to my clients. I promise to treat each and every case as if it were my own." 

Win your case with the help of a reputable lawyer. Get in touch with Attorney David S. Sullivan today!

Simply visit https://davidsullivanlaw.com/personal-injury/auto-accidents if you need further details about the lawyer and his services. 

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