Han Fan Best Price Pixo Blaster Professional Intro Outro Video Making Tool Released

May 19, 2017

Pixo Blaster, a software that contains more than 200 professional intro and outro videos, was recently launched by Han Fan. The software is designed to engage an audience and improve retention rates. Pixo Blaster contains several different actors and niches for users to choose from.

Han Fan, along with Stoica and Vlad, launched Pixo Blaster, a video marketing tool that features a collection of professional intros and outros that are designed to increase the retention rate and captivate an audience.

For more information on Pixo Blaster, visit http://letsgolook.at/PixoBlaster.

Pixo Blaster transforms basic videos into marketing tools. It allows users to create an intro that will captivate viewers, add personal or outside video content, and utilize call-to-action strategies with ending outro sequences. This feature can transform simple slideshow videos into more effective marketing tools.

The program offers more than 200 professional marketing intro and outros, which have been proven to increase conversion rates for many businesses. Additionally, the software also provides its users with more than 20 professional spokespersons. The creators of Pixo Blaster worked closely with top spokespersons and copywriters in order to make sure that each intro will fit a business’ need and specific niche.

Pixo Blaster has intros and outros that are suited for more than 40 different niches. Some of the niches include Amazon, CPA software, fitness, video and email marketing, ad and website conversion, SEO tools, review videos, real estate, medical, financial, dog training, local business, and more. The software also breaks it down by sub-categories, making it even easier for a business to find what they need.

Users can upload a video that they want to use, search the database until they find a video that they like, and then right click to set it as the intro or outro. Pixo Blaster then lets users customize their video with pre-loaded backgrounds—including animated videos—or download custom images from their desktops.

Businesses can also select lower thirds for their videos, to ensure viewers have all the information they may need, including company phone numbers, addresses, or even social media channels. Once users are satisfied with their project, they can render the video and use it for promotional purposes.

For more information on Pixo Blaster, visit http://muncheye.com/han-fan-et-al-pixo-blaster.
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