Hampstead: Order Bespoke Furniture, Staircases & Fences From This Top Fabricator

May 11, 2024

Looking to add some style and structure to your space? Welding Kingdom (07437 111324) offers bespoke welding services for a wide range of interior and exterior projects for both residential and commercial properties, so you can get exactly the look you want that will last.

Whether for fencing, staircases, or unique artistic fixtures, beautiful metalwork adds a level of sophistication and class to any space. Not to mention, its elegance will last for generations.

Get bespoke welding services from Welding Kingdom for any home or business project! Go to https://www.weldingkingdom.co.uk/

Welding Kingdom is a family-owned and operated company offering specialized fabrication using a range of materials, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, and wrought iron.

Offering the best "anti-crisis" prices in the greater London area, Welding Kingdom can also design unique, mixed-material installations that incorporate wood, stone, glass, and more!

Unique Furniture Designs

The company's specialist team of fabricators can work with you to design custom furniture pieces for your home or business. Past clients have ordered minimalist wood and metal shelving, traditional park benches, mid-century-styled chairs, and contemporary multi-use counters.

Just contact the company and describe the type of furniture you need, the general style and aesthetic you want, and your budgetary limits to begin the design process.

Bespoke Gates & Staircases

Welding Kingdom also specializes in bespoke metal gates, ranging from smaller, simpler designs to more complicated gate systems. Among the types of gates the company has provided for past clients are automatic gates, swing gates, side gates, sliding gates, and gates controlled by remote.

Interested in an intricately ornate wrought iron gate? A minimalist yet sturdy wood and steel gate? Or a more traditionally styled privacy gate? Welding Kingdom has got you covered.

Staircases are another speciality at Welding Kingdom, whose team can create indoor or outdoor structures that meet your unique safety, space, and style needs. The company has installed a range of spiral staircases for both homes and commercial buildings including colourful artistic designs, designer steel, and more traditional mixed wood and iron staircases.

You can also order straight staircases for industrial settings or corporate spaces that include landings, stylized railings, and other customized features.

Fences & Railings

The company's team can install custom railings on balconies, decks, porches, and lofts to provide extra security while maintaining a sense of openness in a space.

Past clients have ordered fences consisting of a mix of stone and iron or steel bars for their yards, providing a natural look and structural integrity while still allowing light into the space.

Other fences and railings have incorporated a tasteful interplay of glass and steel which provides more reflective surfaces to create additional light in a room, building, or yard.

Get in Touch Today!

If you're interested in working with Welding Kingdom to create a unique welding project, contact the company via phone, email, or the contact form on its website to get started.

Learn more about Welding Kingdom and order the classy metalwork piece you've been dreaming of today by visiting https://www.weldingkingdom.co.uk/

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