Haircuts For Kids With Special Needs In Lakewood, CO From Experienced Stylist

Nov 22, 2023

Lakewood, CO – Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids – (303) 625-3190 – The experienced hair stylist for children helps kids with sensory issues feel as comfortable as possible so that they leave with an awesome haircut and a smile.

Haircuts are already stressful events for children, but they can be extremely tough for kids with sensory processing issues.

Imagine what it must be like for them, with everything going on around them all at once. There are people talking all around them, they’re getting their hair wet, they’re sitting on a moving chair, and they’re feeling cold steel near their heads while a complete stranger goes near them.

The experience can be incredibly overwhelming and even a little scary.

That’s why Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids has taken every opportunity to make each haircut as enjoyable as possible. The team of specialized stylists works with you and your child through all the tears, fears, and squirms to make sure they look and feel great when the haircut is complete.

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Haircuts for kids with special needs

Cindy Rayfield, the owner, explains that children with sensory issues are easily affected by the everyday hustle and bustle of the typical hair salon, from the general noise to the clippers in the hair.

This sensory overload may cause severe distress to the child and make the haircut experience frustrating for both you and them. Addressing this, Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids works with you and your kid to make the haircut less stressful. This includes playing calming music during the haircut to taking regular breaks for your child to cope with any mounting anxiety.

A salon for parents, too

Because each child is different, no two haircuts are the same. All the stylists at Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids have experience working with children who may need a little more attention when it comes to their haircuts.

So, when planning for your child’s haircut, please don’t be afraid to tell them what you need or your kid’s special concerns. For instance, if your child is especially sensitive to audio triggers, they can begin playing relaxing music throughout the entire session or find other ways to work with your child.

You can also speak to Cindy and her team about any hesitations you may have. The goal of each haircut, Cindy says, is to make you feel comfortable as well. Further details can be found at  

Experienced hairstylist for kids

Cookie Cutters has been cutting children’s hair for close to three decades. They know that haircuts aren’t easy for kids with special needs. That’s why they try to make each haircut as comfy as possible! At every branch, children are greeted with an in-store playground and televisions at each station. They can also choose which fantasy car to sit on during their haircut.

Cindy writes, "Haircuts can be scary for all children, especially those with special needs or sensory issues. At Cookie Cutters, we specifically train our stylists to work with a child’s individual needs to deliver exactly what you ask for – a great haircut. Our stylists have even been known to give haircuts walking around the salon."

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