Hackworth Adds WideTEK 25 Large Format Scanner to Print Shop

Mar 16, 2017

Chesapeake printer adds large format and artwork scanner to line of services.

Hackworth, a professional printer serving Hampton Roads, recently added an Image Access WideTEK 25-600 wide format flatbed scanner to their print shop. The color scanner will reproduce documents up to 18.5" x 25" in one scan. In addition, the WideTEK 25-600 has stitching capabilities which allows for documents larger than 18.5" x 25" to be scanned. As a high performance scanner, the unit scans the full bed at 300 dpi color in under three seconds.

Common applications that can be scanned the WideTEK 25-600 are artwork, photographs, maps, posters, display graphics, newspapers, periodicals, catalogs, magazines, fabrics, tiles, bound and stapled documents and surface inspection.

"Adding the WideTEK 25 to our available services helps us better serve the fine art community in Hampton Roads," said Vice President Charles Hackworth. "In the short time the scanner has been in the shop, we have already helped some local artists reproduce their work. For instance, we were able to scan original artwork and then print it as greeting cards for the artist to resell. In addition, there are many other great applications we can now reproduce for businesses and individuals."

Included with the scanner is a 3D scanning mode which captures the texture of surfaces so that the scan on a screen replicates the original object. The WideTEK 25-600 has two LED lamps producing a homogeneous illumination which eliminates shadows caused by folds, wrinkles and other distortions of the scanned object.

Hackworth specializes in professional printing solutions including business cards, fliers, posters, banners and signs. Founded in 1991, Hackworth has served the Hampton Roads region with a focus on building family, businesses and the community.

About Image Access

Image Access is the technology market leader developing and delivering innovative large format scanners and digitization solutions to customers based in nearly every country across the globe. Image Access is a unique large format scanner manufacturer producing three lines of scanners, overhead scanners for books beyond A1, sheet scanners for document width up to 48” single and double sided and flatbed scanners larger than A3. Development and manufacturing in Germany ensures the highest quality and durability level of the industry at a very competitive price level. For more information visit www.imageaccess.de or www.imageaccess.us.

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