H.C. Yip’s Animal Spirits Skewers the Self-Centered Nature of Office Workplaces

Oct 1, 2023

Struggling with colleagues and bosses who are selfish, power-hungry, and downright mean? H. C. Yip’s ‘Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard’ could be the perfect comfort book for you.

Seeing true events from your life reflected in an engaging story can be incredibly cathartic. It can even help you process issues you are dealing with, like the desire to stand up to your oppressive boss or the wish to walk free from your cut-throat colleagues.

H.C. Yip has written a 75-page book, "Animal Spirits - Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard," that transforms the all-too-familiar white-collar workplace into an animal-filled office full of murder and intrigue – with a necessary dash of humor - something that all who are tired of this toxic hustle culture can probably relate to.

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Allegory Of Today's Toxic Work Culture

The latest study from the International Labour Organization found that one in five people reported experiencing violence and harassment in the workplace. Yip’s novella was written to be highly relatable for professionals who feel dissatisfied due to the greed and ruthlessness of higher-ups. As a former financial industry professional, Yip drew from his own experience in authoring this story about power-hungry bosses constantly attempting to bully their underlings.

The book’s main antagonist Wolf, kills Monkey - the leader of the meek rank-and-file workers, in an attempt to steal the virtuous primate's key to the office’s vast riches.

Wolf’s diabolical scheme includes devious attempts to pin the murder on other amoral executives like Crocodile and Eagle. This aspect of the story highlights how self-serving certain executives can be, as they attempt to eat their own instead of working in harmony.

The novella also demonstrates the sexual depravity that is unfortunately prevalent among so many boardroom members. Wolf is a deviant, who exploits those around him for his own carnal needs as well as his insatiable desire for power.

A Cautionary Tale

The seemingly ordinary Monkey is proven to be wiser than his bosses thought, having tricked Wolf and the other villains while also making sure he haunts them from the grave. His eventual, hard-fought victory reinforces that the will of the divine will always win.

The cautionary tale in this book showcases how unscrupulous, greedy office executives can face comeuppance they deserve. By highlighting a story of good workers triumphing over their evil opponents, Yip hopes to provide an inspiring story for employees struggling at work.

Yip has made sure to infuse his story with humor so that the bleak nature of his humanoid antagonists is not overwhelming for readers. His morality play is supposed to be an entertaining read with relatable characters that critiques the toxicity of the modern workplace.

About H. C. Yip

During Yip’s successful career in the financial industry, he struggled with common issues like ageism and being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. His personal challenges include the loss of his beloved mother to cancer. The story of 'Animal Spirits' is extremely relatable because the it draws from the author's own experience.

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And if you enjoyed this work, consider his 2022 release, 'Near Death Experience: Imagination or Reality', in your to-buy list.

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