H.C. Yip Business Course On Bank Lending Helps Small Enterprises Earn Financing

Mar 12, 2024

Are you seeking loans or credit for your small business? Get practical insights into the bank lending system with H.C. Yip’s business finance course and textbook!

Getting a bank loan or credit for your business is harder than ever - loan assessment standards are stricter, credit supply availability is dwindling, and the banking industry doesn't see things improving any time soon. Fight for financial security now with H.C. Yip's business finance course, a step-by-step guide on how to engage with bankers and receive continuous financing for your growing enterprise.

Learn the secrets of the bank lending system here!

Empowering Small Business Owners

The business finance course was created to empower small business owners, giving them practical knowledge and tools to confidently present their business proposals to financiers.

According to a 2023 small business lending survey carried out by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, new small business loan balances decreased by 18.1 percent compared to the same period in 2022. This was driven by a 21.1 percent decrease in new term loans and a 13.2 percent decrease in new lines of credit.

A Comprehensive Breakdown Of The Bank Lending System

In light of the issues small businesses face regarding financing, H.C. Yip's business finance course offers industry insight into the bank lending system, from the key operating indicators valued by bankers to the standards a business loan or credit application must meet. Additionally, H.C. Yip offers a pre-course textbook titled, “5 Steps To Getting Your Business Financed: The Definitive Way That Gets Big Corporations Bank Financed”, which gives readers a lot of background information on the concepts covered in the course. Those who want the full learning experience can find a copy of the pre-course textbook here!

By illuminating the mindset of lenders in the banking industry, the business finance course opens the door for more businesses to grow, create more jobs, and contribute positively to the economy.

About H.C. Yip

H.C. Yip is an author and motivational speaker who spent over 25 years working in the banking industry. Having observed the industry's uneven allocation of loans and credit, he continues to use his knowledge and experience in finance to level the playing field for small business owners.

“The core aim is to enable individuals to take control of the process. The course provides all the preparation needed, along with toolkits and step-by-step guidance,” says Yip.

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