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Apr 8, 2024

Get relief from digestive issues with a healthcare plan that optimizes microbial diversity in your gut – Visit Natural Healing Center (817 310 0393), the functional medicine clinic supporting patients in Grapevine!

Supporting your gut microbiome can have positive effects on your immune function, mental health, and nervous system — alleviate your digestive issues and promote your overall well-being with a custom treatment plan from Natural Healing Center!

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The practice offers alternative healthcare treatment plans that promote your essential gut flora and restore proper digestive function.

The functional medicine clinic will treat the underlying issues that cause your digestive issues, rather than just your symptoms.

Through analysis of your gut microbiome, it can tailor your treatment to support your needs, whether that's boosting your immune function, managing your metabolic processes, or alleviating your digestive issues.

The Role Your Gut Plays in Your Overall Health

The term ‘gut microbiome’ describes the diversity of bacteria in your gut, which typically contains around 1,000 different species. Although most of these bacteria are essential in maintaining proper health, an imbalance in the gut microbiome can lead to digestive issues, such as IBS.

Known as ‘dysbiosis’, microbial imbalances are associated with

  • excess gas,
  • heartburn,
  • acid reflux,
  • cramping,
  • constipation,
  • diarrhoea,
  • and food sensitivities.

Moreover, recent research into the gut-brain axis has suggested links between low microbial diversity in the gut and poor mental health.

Your Custom Treatment Plan

Taking an individualized approach, the clinic will develop custom nutrition and lifestyle plans that restore your overall health and well-being. To achieve the most effective results, it will assess your medical history, current symptoms, risk factors, diet, and lifestyle.

“No two people are alike in their genetic makeup, history, or life experiences. We are each unique and different. Therefore, we require a health plan that is unique to address our differences”, a spokesperson for the clinic said.

The center is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, such as stool, hair, and hormone analysis and food sensitivity testing technology. Using this information, the team can formulate a health and wellness plan that treats your condition at its source, as well as combat your symptoms and prevent further illness.

In addition to nutrition plans, the individual treatments combine exercise, homeopathy, and stress-management techniques to support patients in their recovery.

About Natural Healing Center

Natural Healing Center is led by Dr. Rodney Russell, a leading functional medicine practitioner endorsed by the American Association of Integrative Medicine with a doctorate in chiropractic care from Parker University.

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