Gut Health Tips & Functional Medicine Plans Shared In Online Support Community!

Jun 29, 2024

Interested in taking an integrative approach to your health? Agriris offers an online community to support functional medicine, with peer networking and custom guidance from certified functional medicine health coach Eirik Stensrud.

If you've been unsuccessful in treating your IBS or other illness with conventional medicine, perhaps it's time for a more holistic, integrative approach. In the Agriris Community, you can get practical functional health tips and network with like-minded individuals!

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Led by Eirik Stensrud of Agriris, the community and networking hub is designed to support better gut health and connect individuals interested in functional medicine.

Treat Common Symptoms

Alongside functional food plans, delicious recipes, and expert guidance, the Agriris Community gives you information on how to grow nutritious sprouts at home and how to treat symptoms of common conditions like inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).

A recent report from NBC News shows that functional medicine continues to increase rapidly in popularity, due to a widespread interest in natural and alternative therapies, as well as greater demand for patient-centered care that takes a customized approach. Within the Agriris online community, you can share best practices with other people interested in integrative medicine and get expert advice for a range of issues, including IBS.

Get Expert Guidance

“Starting a journey to manage IBS and improve energy levels doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” explains Eirik. “With the right guidance and a supportive community, you can optimize your diet, gut health, and energy without changing your entire lifestyle.”

As founder of Agriris and a certified functional medicine health coach, Eirik Stensrud offers practical methods for easing IBS symptoms, including personalized eating plans. Eirik explains that there are several types of food plans that can be helpful, including the functional medicine core food plan based on high-quality whole foods, an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities, and a cardiometabolic plan, which is essentially a modified Mediterranean diet.

Enjoy Community Support

More advanced food plans are also explored, including the low-FODMAP approach, the Mito plan - which targets neurodegenerative disease and mitochondrial function - and a plan for liver detoxification. Through his functional medicine expertise, Eirik helps you and other community members identify a plan that suits your needs.

The community emphasizes recipe sharing, and current offerings include fast and healthy breakfast options, such as a sprouted smoothie bowl, sprout scramble, and sprouted avocado toast.

Eirik also emphasizes the role of probiotics in a functional medicine approach, providing recipes for gut-friendly smoothies and juices to support optimal well-being. As a community member, you'll be encouraged to share your own recipes, compare notes, and draw support from the group.

Start your functional health journey today with Agriris Community!

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