Gulfport Sexual Abuse Lawyer: Sue Daycare If Your Child Experienced Molestation

Abuse Guardian (+1-267-974-1069) bolsters its legal network by appointing Greg Zarzaur Esq. as its legal advocate for Gulfport, handling daycare sexual abuse cases.

There’s a common myth that child sex abuse is committed by strangers. In reality, perpetrators are often known to our children – including those tasked with caring for them.

That’s true for daycare centers as well. If you suspect that your child is being molested by their caretakers, get in touch with Abuse Guardian’s designated advocate in Mississippi, Attorney Greg Zarzaur.

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This appointment is a response to the prevalent issue of sex abuse in daycare facilities, which almost a quarter of all families in the state rely on for child care. Attorney Zarzaur encourages you to seek legal advice immediately if your child exhibits signs of abuse such as physical injuries, sleep disturbances, withdrawal, and aggression.


According to the American Counseling Association, childhood sexual abuse has been correlated with a higher likelihood of depression, eating disorders, dissociative patterns, and relationship problems. As such, it is important to ensure that daycare centers are safe spaces where young ones can learn and enjoy their childhood.

Abuse Guardians explains, however, that not all daycare centers carefully screen employees or immediately report cases of sexual abuse, allowing molestation to occur and persist. Attorney Zarzaur seeks to bring perpetrators to justice and force operators to implement changes to prevent future cases of abuse.


The attorney acknowledges that while winning a case cannot undo any of the damage done, the resulting compensation can be used to get medical, physical, and psychological treatment for your child. With years of experience in this legal niche, Attorney Zarzaur strives to get the highest possible financial compensation for your family, helping you gain closure.


Attorney Zarzaur assures you that his law firm will not charge a fee for the first consultation. The preliminary case assessment allows you to better understand if abuse indeed occurred, as well as the procedures when suing a daycare center. 

The lawyer says: “Learning that your child has been sexually abused is one of the hardest things a parent can experience. I am here to help you navigate this difficult journey, handling your case with empathy and discretion.”

Sex abuse is an underreported crime. Don’t be part of the statistics – stand up for your child’s rights by hiring a trusted lawyer such as Greg Zarzaur.

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