GUIÓN PARTNERS is Here… We help our clients create change that matters

Sep 28, 2020

We help our clients create change that matters—transformation, enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities.

When looking to make their break into the whirling, ever-changing talent industry, many people find themselves overwhelmed. There is a constant demand for new individuals within this industry but, despite this demand, it is still sometimes rather tricky to land a lucky break. This is why everyone looking to chase their dreams within the entertainment industry needs a team behind them to help pave the way for their success. GUIÓN PARTNERS is here to provide a comprehensive and 360-degree talent representation service to help talented individuals make magic happen.

A New Breed

What sets GUIÓN PARTNERS apart from the rest of the talent representation entities available is the dedication to providing full-spectrum representation. While most companies focus on a core area of expertise or a target demographic that exists within a specific facet of the industry, GUIÓN PARTNERS goes a step beyond that, offering representation in many different fields, including film, music, technology, sports, and even real estate. This makes it easier than ever for talent to acquire reputable, experienced representation and begin their journey towards their dreams.

With previous clients including talent like Grammy Award winning artists: D’Angelo, Mya, and Ginuwine, GUIÓN PARTNERS is ready to handle any rising star or potential talent and has the expertise and experience to back their claims. Founded by 20+ year industry professional LINDSAY GUIÓN, this is a representation firm that has stepped up to fill the spaces that Lindsay himself personally noticed within the industry. During his time, GUIÓN noticed that there was a definitive gap between industries, making it difficult for talent to expand or move freely. GUIÓN PARTNERS stepped up to provide representation across the board, making transitions or furthering their career within the industry.

This unprecedented dedication to helping clients truly excel is what makes GUIÓN PARTNERS an outlier in the best way. The team is always available and ready to provide any assistance clients need, regardless of what aspect of the industry the requirements pertain to. This dedication comes from a place of understanding due to the combined experience and industry knowledge of the team and works to help push clients further than ever before towards their goals!


Founded by Chairman and CEO LINDSAY GUIÓN, GUIÓN PARTNERS is a representation entity offering its services within a wide range of industry niches. During his decades of experience within the industry directly as a talent manager, Lindsay took note of the common gaps that many other talents experienced with their management and representation firms. After making the move to representing, Lindsay gathered a team of incredible professionals from multiple avenues of interest within the industry and began building what would become GUION PARTNERS, a comprehensive, 360-degree talent representation service like no other.

With the GUIÓN PARTNERS team at their backs, talented individuals can begin to climb the ladder and achieve their goals faster than ever before. GUIÓN PARTNERS is rethinking the role of representation and truly creating something new and powerful.

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