Grow Your Dental Practice With The Best 3G Marketing® System

Aug 2, 2019

Looking for the best online marketing strategy for your dental practice? Join the 3G Marketing® System today for the cutting-edge media relations, reputation marketing and patient generation strategies that will boost your online visibility and skyrocket your marketing success!

  • grow your dental practice with the best 3g marketing system
  • grow your dental practice with the best 3g marketing system

If you’re a dentist or managing a dental practice, you can’t afford to ignore digital marketing – after all, that’s where more than half of your potential patients could be coming from. The new 3G Marketing® System by ORTLA inc., leverages a variety of media platforms, advertising services and other cutting-edge online marketing strategies to maximize your practice’s online visibility and generate a steady stream of new patients.

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While traditional marketing still works to a certain extent, investing in a professional online marketing strategy has become essential for modern dentists. According to recent surveys, the majority of internet users look up information on medical and dental conditions online, and almost half use search engines and social media to find dental practices in their area. Becoming visible to the constantly growing online audience can significantly improve the success of your dental practice.

After constantly experimenting with cutting-edge online marketing strategies, ORTLA inc. has developed the revolutionary 3G Marketing System. The new marketing package has been designed specifically for the needs of modern dental practices looking for an effective way to skyrocket their online visibility and marketing success.

Dentists joining the marketing program benefit from high-quality media relations, having their practices featured in positive news stories on reputable media platforms such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. Not only will your practice be featured on mainstream media networks, but you’ll also get the extra benefit of keyword optimization and local audience targeting for higher Google ranking.

The system also includes professional reputation videos showcasing 5-star patient feedback – an ideal tool for promoting your clinic’s services in an efficient, patient-oriented way.

Finally, the 3G Marketing® System comes with a complete online booking management system, allowing your new and existing patients to schedule appointments 24/7 and including automatic reminders with MOBILE Marketing System and many other useful features

Plus, if you sign up for the program you’ll get plenty of extra bonuses, including free cruises, Teladoc memberships, and others.

For more info on how to join the program please go to the website above.

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