Greenville Sizzle Reel Experts Produce Video Content For Professional Speakers

Feb 1, 2024

Professional speakers have to stay relevant to get jobs, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with some engaging video content produced by Primeau Productions (888-843-1550) in Greenville, SC.

All you need is for one video to go viral and you could go from a nobody to the next big thing. And when it comes to creating great video content, no other company does it quite like Primeau Productions!

The Greenville media production experts will provide you with the attention-grabbing videos you need to grow your audience and continue landing gigs. The company produces a wide range of content, from short-form sizzle reels and trailers to full-length shows.

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Referrals & Staying Relevant

According to SpeakerFlow, 65% of all professional speakers rely on referrals to book the majority of their engagements. To get these referrals, they have to be engaging, informative, skillful, and memorable, among many other traits. They also have to find ways to remain relevant.

“There comes a time in most professional speakers’ careers when they need to move beyond what they’ve done already and create what audiences are looking and paying for,” explained a spokesperson for Primeau Productions. “Through our video production services, we help speakers create content that offers the visual stimulation needed to meet audience demands and keep them coming back for more.”

Any Content You Need

Primeau Productions’ goal is to provide you with whatever video content you need for your business. This could be a short demo reel, sizzle reel, or trailer that you can show to prospective employers to showcase your talent, experience, and credentials. Or, they could record, stream, and distribute an entire speech, keynote address, interview, vidbook, or show.

How the content is made depends mostly on where you are located. If you’re local, Primeau Productions has its own state-of-the-art studio where you can come and get your video produced in person. If you're out of town, remote collaboration is possible, or they can come to you for an additional fee.

Just Look At Their Track Record

Primeau Productions has produced video content for professional speakers from all over the world. Recently, they produced a preview video for Kelly Swanson's one-woman show Who Hijacked My Fairytale? They also did a series of "motivation bites" for Steve Gilliland, as well as demo reels for Robert Richman, Jane Jenkins Herlong, and Mary Kelly.

“Working with Chuck and the amazing crew at Primeau Productions is an absolute delight,” said Kelly. “They’re helpful, professional, and they don’t make you feel rushed. They also offer gentle, helpful suggestions that make a huge difference in the final product. I was there for two-and-a-half days, and it was well worth the trip from Colorado. I feel like they are now partners in my business.”

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