Greensboro Meridian’s Kevin O’Leary Wealth Management Event Success Inspires

May 28, 2024

Shark Tank’s Kevin “Mr Wonderful” O’Leary knows that good wealth management starts with sourcing the best arena to host your delegates. Get that right, and everything else slots into place – with the Meridian Convention Center (+1 336-218-6470).

One of the first lessons you learn when attending a wealth management retreat like the one hosted by the Meridian Convention Center is that every cent counts and you’ve got to be savvy about your resources.

And that includes selecting venues: I’m sure even Mr Wonderful himself would agree! This wealth management retreat has inspired a whole new range of services from Meridian available to view here at 

Who exactly is “Mr. Wonderful”?

An avid entrepreneur, chef, and sommelier, Kevin O’Leary is best known as one of the ruthless multi-millionaire investors on ABC’s prime-time show, Shark Tank. However, his fans and fellow venture capitalists know him better as “Mr Wonderful”.

Despite his rather blunt on-screen persona, O’Leary is surprisingly altruistic and a champion of both small businesses and women-led enterprises. Above all, he is a well-known financial mastermind who has shared many tips for wealth management in his best-selling Cold Hard Truth book series. So it’s safe to say that he knows a lot about finance and managing wealth that us here in Greensboro would like to know!

Hosting A Large Scale Event? No Problem!

With such an illustrious keynote speaker, the wealth management retreat quickly became a red-carpet event. In this case literally, as Meridian provided a red carpet area in the venue’s main hallway allowing for a grand entrance and a luxurious environment for networking amongst the delegates.

Furthermore, with such high-profile names in attendance, there was an additional requirement for security services, which Meridian was able to provide. The attending crowds also benefited from Meridian’s traffic control team, who kept vehicles moving and visitors directed to the overflow parking facilities.

The popularity of the event necessitated the booking of half of the venue’s ballrooms: namely the Barcelona, Valencia and Cordoba rooms. The main event, Kevin O’Leary’s address, took place in the grand Barcelona Ballroom with an audience of 1000 people

Meridian constructed a custom-designed T-shaped stage for the occasion, allowing “Mr Wonderful” to interact more with the audience. Additionally, the impressive audio and visual elements of the presentation were supported by the Meridian events team who also handled the extensive setup, as well as clean up, for the wealth management retreat.

A Customized Service With Meridian Convention Center

Hosted and produced by Meridian’s in-house team, the event for wealth management invited famous speakers from all over the country to join Kevin O’Leary and participate in seminars, talks, and open-mic discussion forums. The high profile nature and high volume of guests required the venue’s in-house event team to adapt and create several new services to accommodate the event’s operational needs.

As you can imagine, the wealth management retreat was a huge undertaking, but Meridian’s team more than rose to the challenge! 

They’ve taken everything they learned, experienced, and created, and turned it into one of the best customizable venue service menus that North Carolina has to offer! Check it out for yourself at     

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