Green Hydrogen Investment Opportunities: CHARBONE Hydrogen & Bloom Energy

Apr 12, 2024

The global push for sustainable energy solutions has propelled the green hydrogen market into the investor spotlight. Now, in its latest industry report, Common Cents Media takes a closer look at North America’s green hydrogen market dynamics — along with some key participants to watch.

If you’ve been on the lookout for investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, you may have come across green hydrogen a few times. Indeed, green hydrogen holds transformative potential across industrial, commercial, and transportation sectors. In North America, investor interest in green hydrogen is on the rise, driven by its promise to decarbonize traditionally fossil fuel-reliant industries. Common Cents Media’s latest market report will help shed some light on the latest industry activities!

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Green Hydrogen, Clean Energy

Green hydrogen is typically produced from water electrolysis, a process that is powered by sustainable energy. Because said process results in a negligible carbon footprint, the use of hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels can potentially decarbonize many sectors and result in significant reductions in emissions, according to Common Cents Media.

With projections from industry analysts such as Precedence Research indicating that the green hydrogen market will reach $89.2 billion by 2030, green hydrogen market is seeing a surge in interest and investment. While public and policymaker support for the green hydrogen industry is growing, the production of technologies and facilities that produce and employ hydrogen is still in its early stages for many companies.

You may think some research is in order, but don’t worry; Common Cents Media has done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Major players like Linde (NASDAQ: LIN) and Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) have been instrumental in shaping the market landscape. Yet this report goes into depth on key early-stage players with first mover-appeal.


A notable company is CHARBONE Hydrogen (TSXV: CH | OTCQB: CHHYF), North America’s only publicly traded green hydrogen firm. With two green hydrogen projects set to commence production in 2024, along with development plans for 14 other modular plants in strategic industrial locations throughout the US and Canada, Common Cents Media notes that CHARBONE’s activities have the potential to pioneer the industry, making the company a worthwhile investment prospect.

CHARBONE has also announced capital formation strategies with US Capital Global Partners, offtake agreements with Superior Plus to ensure that supply consistently meets demand, and actionable plans to reduce distribution costs, the latter of which will allow them to offer green hydrogen at competitive prices.

With that much planning and foresight, chances are high that they’ll secure a comfortable place in the industry!

Bloom Energy

The report also lists Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE) as another public company to watch, as it has begun exploring decarbonization options as part of its recent partnership with Shell. As a manufacturer of high-efficiency solid oxide electrolyzer technology, Bloom Energy is capable of generating substantial amounts of low-cost, clean hydrogen for use across Shell’s assets, among other applications.

Which to Choose?

Private enterprises such as Electric Hydrogen and Everwind Fuels have also begun funding for green hydrogen development, but these projects will likely remain inaccessible to retail investors for years. Common Cents Media believes that CHARBONE Hydrogen and Bloom Energy are currently notable, early-stage options to keep an eye on for portfolio consideration.

Green hydrogen is still uncharted territory in many ways, but it’s an exciting and promising option worth exploring, especially when you consider the potential for financial growth and environmental impact. Keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry is one way you can make informed decisions about your investments. Common Cents Media is here to help people like you by providing you with coverage on those updates, and you can read their full report to get a bigger picture on green hydrogen!

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