Greek God NFT Memberships Unlocking Travel Rewards & Future Mint Access

Feb 21, 2024

With Greek Mythology Club, you can build a collection of eye-catching Greek god NFTs while tapping into a huge range of rewards!

The Greek Mythology Club is a space where you can join other NFT enthusiasts, build your collection of Greek gods, and get great perks just for holding onto your assets. Rewards range from web3 courses to Airbnb trips – and of course future mint access!

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Up to Bi-weekly rewards & payouts

When you mint and hold Greek god NFTs, you'll unlock scaling tiers of rewards, which begin with web3 education and progress through to luxury travel opportunities, masterminds, and exclusive future mints that are only available to members.

G.M.C. features five membership tiers based on the number of collected NFTs, with levels including the Fish Club at 1 NFT, the Dolphin Club at 5 NFTs, the Shark Club at 10, the Whale Club at 20, and the Kraken Club at 40. Each level provides access to additional utilities - like educational resources, VIP groups, and airdrops.

HODL for long-term perks

By incentivizing you to hold assets long-term instead of ‘pump and dump’ schemes, G.M.C. strives to shift the narrative away from recent controversies. You are encouraged to collect NFTs and hold onto them to stack rewards, and additional perks are available for advertising the community.

While the Fish Club offers entry-level benefits like AMA and podcast access, Dolphin Club members can access additional web3 learning materials, and at the Shark Club level, benefits expand to include further educational resources. Whale Club members get early access to future mints, along with Airbnb stays.

Build a community to be proud of

With an emphasis on rewarding patrons, not speculators, and unlocking real-world utility, G.M.C. aims to restore the true potential of web3 technology - and the team welcomes everyone who shares a passion for crypto to join the expanding community.

Brendon Parker, the CEO, states: “We've created a visionary solution to address the prevailing issues in the NFT and cryptocurrency space: our innovative project introduces a novel concept - incentivizing the acquisition and retention of NFTs by enabling you to stack cryptocurrency by merely holding your digital assets.”

Whether you’re a fan of Greek myths or you just want to be part of an exciting new NFT venture, you’re in the right place!

Check out to start building your NFT collection!

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