Greek God NFT Community Rewards Long-Term Holders With Web3 Education & Travel

Feb 7, 2024

Joining the Greek Mythology Club gives you the chance to unlock ETH payouts, luxury travel, and community courses on web3!

If you want to be part of an exciting, disruptive NFT community that's around for the long haul, Greek Mythology Club is for you! The first wave of NFTs includes Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Hermes, and Apollo – but after that, you'll be able to grow your collection with goddesses and mythical creatures too!

Join the community at

Welcome to Mount Olympus

One of the central focal points of the G.M.C. community is to offer special events, travel opportunities, and educational courses for NFT collectors. You access these perks with just one NFT, but as you grow your portfolio you can stack rewards of increasing value - from Airbnb stays to yacht trips.

The first level of membership starts with owning just 1 NFT, granting access to the Fish Club. Benefits include web3 and cryptocurrency education resources such as podcasts, newsletters, and 'Ask Me Anything' discussions with industry experts - but you also receive monthly airdrops of Ethereum to reward holding your NFTs long-term.

Stack rewards with every NFT

By owning 5 NFTs, you unlock the Dolphin Club tier which adds to the Fish Club benefits - including educational courses on crypto nodes, as well as actionable training for getting started in Forex trading.

Progressing up to the Shark Club at 10 NFTs adds a bundle of premium courses including expert Forex Copy Trading strategies. In the Shark Club, you receive exclusive branded merchandise, in addition to once-a-month group mentorship programs covering cryptocurrency, forex, and more.

Unlock luxury travel opportunities

At the Whale Club tier granted for 20 NFTs, premium travel perks are available - you qualify for two sponsored Airbnb retreats per year, with stays of three nights for friends or family. A VIP pass is also included for all future NFT mints and launches associated with G.M.C. to reward long-term commitment.

Finally, the Kraken Club layers yacht trips and cruises on top of this. You are able to build your own e-commerce stores with branded assets and get further courses to help you make smarter investment decisions.

A spokesperson states: “We are a team of Greek gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures that will help bring only worthy mortals from Planet Earth to Mount Olympus Rewards. Many rewards will be given to the mortals that embark on this mission of Hodling and participation.”

The NFT space has needed something like this for a LONG time. Start claiming your HODL rewards today!

Check out to mint your first NFT and join the G.M.C. community!

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