Greek God NFT Community Provides Training On Blockchain Assets & Trading Skills

Feb 13, 2024

If you love the Greek gods, from Zeus to Poseidon, you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive NFT community where you can get great HODL rewards!

The Greek Mythology Club (G.M.C.) is the ideal community if you’re into Greek myths – whether you’re a fan of Percy Jackson, or love smashing enemies in God of War on the PlayStation. You can mint Greek god NFTs and get rewards when you hold onto them, ranging from crypto and forex courses to luxury travel!

Join the Greek god NFT community at

Unique Greek god NFTs in a range of styles

The first wave of NFTs available through the group is the Greek gods collection: Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, Hermes, and Apollo. These all have their own unique design, with items ranging from headgear to the chain around their neck.

“The NFT and cryptocurrency space has witnessed a surge in problems that have left many enthusiasts wary of its inherent risks,” explains a spokesperson for the Greek Mythology Club, noting that the founders wanted to take a different approach - prioritizing long-term growth.

According to Forex Illustrated, an average of 77% of new forex traders lose money. Through educational courses and mentorship, G.M.C. aims to equip you to make smarter investment decisions.

Stack rewards from Ethereum to Airbnb stays

The community offers tiered membership, with more exclusive benefits unlocked at higher levels. The entry-level Fish Club starts with training on NFTs through pre-recorded lessons. The second tier, The Dolphin Club, delivers courses on crypto nodes, while at the Shark Club level, you gain access to live monthly mentorship sessions with trading experts.

Higher tiers allow you to earn rewards through ‘stacking’ - by holding NFTs and remaining active in the community, exclusives like airdrops, reduced minting fees, and other benefits are made available, and further bonuses can be earned for contributions like bringing in new members.

Earn for holding your assets & promoting the club

The community pools collective expertise while incentivizing you to reach higher levels - and as the ecosystem continues developing, a strong educational base can support you as you look to diversify your portfolios in the future.

“Our approach signals a refreshing departure from the issues that have plagued the industry, promising a more secure and fulfilling journey for enthusiasts,” the G.M.C. team says.

Are you looking for a supporting NFT community that helps you to grow and earn passive income?

Check out to mint your first Greek god NFT and join the club!

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