Greek God NFT Community Offers Early Access Ares Tokens & HODL Rewards

Feb 21, 2024

Join the Greek Mythology Club today and mint your own Greek god NFT collection to start stacking Ethereum and other HODL rewards!

The NFT space has seen its fair share of disappointment in recent years, but the Greek Mythology Club (G.M.C.) is set to disrupt the field. You just have to mint one NFT to join, and for every asset you hold, you have the chance to earn big rewards – from luxury travel to future mints for day traders.

Grab your seat at and discover more about the Greek Mythology Club!

Collect the Greek gods

Is the god of war your guy? You'll love the Ares NFT, distinct in gold armor, and each piece has a unique background color, eye color, clothing, and accessories. The other gods include Zeus, Hermes, Apollo, and Poseidon, with the second wave of NFTs set to feature Greek goddesses, and the third release depicting mythical creatures.

If you want to learn more about how to gain access to G.M.C.’s HODL rewards, you're encouraged to register for an upcoming webinar, which will provide an overview of how you can stack Ethereum rewards over time by collecting and holding newly minted NFTs.

A community built to last

According to BanklessTimes, NFT trading volume reached over $13 billion in sales in 2021 to just $33 million in 2020. However, some collectors have grown wary of rug pulls, fraudulent projects, and pump-and-dump schemes. G.M.C. aims to restore confidence by offering full transparency and placing community rewards above quick flips.

You're rewarded for minting but also for the length of time you hold your NFTs, which unlocks exclusive benefits. HODL rewards may include crypto airdrops, discounted travel packages, gaming giveaways, access to forex education masterminds, and more.

Refer others & unlock more rewards

You are also incentivized to help expand the community by referring others and advertising the benefits of the group. Additional rewards for community builders include VIP access to future token sales, and invitations to exclusive member parties and events.

A spokesperson states: “The Greek Mythology Club has crafted a visionary solution to address the prevailing issues in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. Their innovative project introduces a novel concept - incentivizing the acquisition and retention of NFTs by enabling you to stack cryptocurrency by merely holding these digital assets.”

Whether you’re a fan of Greek myths or just want to earn great HODL perks, you’ll love this community.

Check out to start building your collection!

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